Airlines Hubs and Focus Cities

Airlines Hubs and Focus Cities

Do you know which airlines dominate certain airports? Different major cities around the country are ‘hubs’ for a major airline. These hubs operate as a base for the airline, and a high majority of their flights pass through one of these hubs.

In this post, I’m going to list out the “hubs” and “focus cities” of each major airline. Focus cities are basically smaller hubs that they only run some of their flights through, but they have a big presence at the airport, so same concept.

For instance, if you want to fly from Seattle (SEA) to Houston (IAH), you cannot get a direct flight on either American Airline or US Airways. This is because neither of these cities are one of the airlines’ hubs. Airlines rarely run direct flights from one non-hub to another. Period.

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In this specific example, the economical answer is to route through either Phoenix (US Hub) or Dallas-Fort Worth (AA Hub).

Let’s not belabor the point, on to the list of the Hub and Focus City locations!

Alaska Airlines planes in Anchorage!

Alaska Airlines planes in Anchorage!

AA Planes at DFW!

AA Planes at DFW!

Southwest planes at BWI!

Southwest dominates BWI.

United planes at IAH!

United planes at IAH!

My favorite airport in the US....Reagan National!

My favorite airport in the US….Reagan National!

There you have it, a one-stop shop to find out where you airline’s hubs and focus cities are located.

Now that you know your closest hub, you can use your Chase Ultimate Rewards points and other miles to start planning your next trip out of one of these airports!

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  1. Isn’t PDX (Portland International Airport) a focus city for Southwest Airlines?

    • Conner,

      Thanks for the comment! Although WN has quite a presence at PDX, it’s not termed a “focus city”.

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