American Airlines Gold Status after 4 domestic flights!

american airlines gold status

American Airlines Gold Status after 4 domestic flights!

I have never had airline status before other than when my Dad gifted me US Airways Silver status many years ago (he could do this as a Chairman Status member).  There are several reasons I never really strive to obtain airlines status.  First of all a lot (not all) of the lowest level benefits can be obtained by the AA Citi Platinum card like free checked bags, priority check in, priority boarding, etc.  Secondly, I don’t really fly for work and though myself and my fiance fly back to Maryland many times a year we usually take Southwest due to having the Companion Pass.  Finally, if I am flying internationally I am probably using points to fly in Business or First class so status wouldn’t mean much.

With all of that being said, I am now American Airlines GOLD!  And I got there by not even trying!
american airlines gold status
So how did I do it?  Back in January American Airlines sent me, and I imagine many other people an email entitled Fast Track to Aadvantage Elite Status.  After reading through the email I realized that this was a fast track status with no string attached to obtain elite status by flying a fraction of the miles usually needed.

american airlines fast track gold statusAs you can see below it usually take 25K miles of flying to obtain AA Gold Status but with this challenge I would only have to fly 6K miles.  The only catch was that this flying needed to be done in about 4 months.  I received the email in mid-January and the promotion would end on May 15th.  But as it turns out, this was perfect.
american airlines fast track elite status gold platinum executive
See during this period I already had a flight back from NC, back from Las Vegas and round-trip to Miami (for work) which were all on AA or US Airways and all added up to about 6,200 miles!  So there it is, that is how I did it, with no extra money out of pocket and no changing of my schedule.  Now I won’t keep this status past Feb 2016 as you usually would when gaining status (usually keep that year and the following), but I’ll still take it!

Bottom line here, like with the 10X AA miles Apple Pay post I wrote a few days ago is always check you mail and emails!  Trust me, I get a ton of junk mail and junk email but I always try to at least see what the gist of it is just in case.  I have never had AA status before, usually only fly with them 5-6 times a year or so and have had their Citi card for a very long time, but my point is that I have never done anything special to warrant this email.  So, keep your eyes open, who know what you might be sent one day!

It looks like I am going to end up with 10K miles flown, should I do a cheap mileage run to get to Platinum (12K)?!?

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