Another lost luggage story!

Another lost luggage story!

One would surmise that since I’m writing another lost luggage story that I must always be checking my bag! Wrong! I rarely check my bag when I fly. Sometimes it becomes a necessary evil, but I normally just roll with a small blue duffle-bag on weekend getaways.

Unlike the last time I lost a bag, this time it was on a domestic, direct flight, from Las Vegas (LAS) to Raleigh-Durham (RDU). Should have been a pretty simple process right? Wrong.

I headed to the airport in Las Vegas Monday morning, and was flying Southwest Airlines to RDU, while my father, brother and friend were flying Southwest from Las Vegas to Baltimore-Washington (BWI). With the lines pretty crazy at checkin, my brother, friend and I decided to use the “skycap” outside while my dad returned the rental car.

When approaching the skycap gentleman, he didn’t ask me the usual, “Where are you headed to day” or “What’s the final destination”. Instead he just asked for my ID. I told him I already had my boarding pass on my cell phone and that I didn’t need another one.

Southwest Airlines Mobile Boarding Pass

He didn’t really care that I had one, and gave me another one in a little folder with my baggage tag.

Southwest Airlines boarding pass

I started walking away and just took a glance at my boarding position. On my mobile boarding pass I had position B3 – pretty good I’d say. On my printout boarding pass it said B34. That confused me, but I figured he must have just re-checked me in. Either way, didn’t matter to me, I was going to use my mobile one with the better boarding position.

Fast forward to landing in Raleigh. After what was actually a really good, comfortable, and connected direct flight to RDU, I headed to baggage claim to learn that, alas, my bag was nowhere to be seen.

I proceeded to the Southwest Baggage Office and presented the woman working there with my little envelope and told her my bag wasn’t here! This is the point where I started getting confused.

“So was your original final destination BWI?” she asked.

“No? I was never flying to BWI”.

“Were you supposed to connect through BWI?”

“No. I was on the direct flight here with no connection to BWI in any way”.

She proceeded to look at the boarding pass (that I merely glanced at) and told me that my boarding pass said I was going to Baltimore and that’s where my bag was.

Wait, what? How is that possible? Then my problems hit me:

Problem #1: The skycap didn’t ask me where I was flying to.

Problem #2: I didn’t check the boarding pass he printed out for me.

Problem #3 (biggest problem): I have the same name as my dad.

Have you put it all together yet, reader? Yes, the skycap just assumed I was my dad headed to Baltimore, and checked me in on the wrong flight.

Southwest Airlines boarding pass

If you look at the boarding pass (like I should have done) you’ll see he’s got me on my way to the home of crab cakes & football!

I would, however, think that if he typed in the name, he would have seen two of us and then asked me where I was going. I’m still not sure why he didn’t.

Southwest Airlines boarding pass

Here was another sign I missed: My gate was C1….this was the gate for Baltimore.

I immediately called my brother in Baltimore and got him to locate my bag on the carousel. He brought it to the SW baggage office and, surprisingly enough, it made it to Raleigh that night. They called me around 10pm and told me it’d be delivered the next day (Tuesday, Sept 8th).

Long story short, it’s Sunday now and FedEx still hasn’t delivered my bag. But don’t worry, I did get part of it!

Luggage Tag

Strangely enough, the SW luggage office found my luggage tag separated from my bag, and actually FedEx’d it to me. It beat the bag here. I can’t make this stuff up!

Moral of the story – until your bag is back in your cold death grip or in your house, it’s never truly found!

Do you have any funny lost luggage stories? What happened?

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