Backpacking Down Under: Hostel Living in Sydney!

Blue Parrot Hostel

Backpacking Down Under: Hostel Living in Sydney!

In case you missed the first post in this series of my trip to Australia with my buddy Dave, you may want to read it before you read this one.

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In this post I’ll be covering our time in Sydney! Although our trip broke up as Sydney for 3 days, Melbourne for 2, and Sydney again for two or so (you’ll understand the “or so” in my 4th post!), I’m going to cover all of Sydney at once.

We landed in Sydney around 9:00 am. From there we went straight to Blue Parrot, our first hostel, via a $50 cab ride. Cab rides to the SYD airport from downtown are insanely expensive, but whatever.

Blue Parrot Hostel Sydney

Blue Parrot Hostel!

We settled on Blue Parrot because of the reviews it got on HostelWorld. In the world of hostels, online reviews are critical to choosing the right place. Online sites such as and are great places to get all the information you need. I usually look at both!

Unlike most hotels, hostels can be drastically different from one another, even if they’re right next to each other. From the price to the amenities, Blue Parrot worked just fine for us. They had a friendly staff, free wifi that actually worked and nice facilities for the price.

It was a very low key place. It wasn’t one of your more active hostels with parties and what not, but that’s what we wanted, as we wouldn’t be in town long and figured to be out and about most of the time.

Blue Parrot Hostel

Outdoors Eating Area at Blue Parrot!

The hostel had a big outdoor eating area as seen in the picture above, and was a very calm place to stay, out of the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross.

After settling in at Blue Parrot, we made our way around Sydney, knocking out the obvious tourist sites!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Obligatory Harbour Bridge Picture!

And of course, we got pictures of the Sydney Opera House. And yes, it was sweet looking!

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House!

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House #2!

In Sydney we pretty much just walked around the entire city and saw everything we could walk to. We didn’t do a ton of research on the front end of what we wanted to see, but some things were pretty obvious (ie. Sydney Opera House). We also hit the The Star Casino…it was really nice! I ended up watching two Ravens games from their sportsbook.  It was one of the only places in the whole city to air the games! Anyway, the casino takes donations…so….moving on…


Downtown Sydney!


Party, Sydney Style!

Walking around Sydney was beautiful. We got really fortunate with the weather and had pretty much 100% clear skies for our time there and probably anywhere between 55-75 degrees! The picture above was from the restaurant right below/next to the Opera House. That was taken on a Sunday afternoon, and the place was absolutely packed. Very cool outside seating and bands. We snagged a beer or two and kept on moving! I don’t remember the name of it, but it was right next to the Opera House and a pretty good time. Dave got a picture with the band, but i’ll leave that off the blog.

Spiral Fountain Sydney

Sweet Spiral Fountain!

During our second stint in Sydney, after we got back from Melbourne, we did pretty much the exact same thing, except we stayed at Base Backpackers Sydney. This hostel was a great time. It was completely different than Blue Parrot, but a good different. It always had people coming and going, a big game area, and very modern design. Would highly recommend.

Base Backpackers Hostel Sydney

Base Backpackers Sydney!

We had an amazing time in Sydney. I can’t overstate that enough. On to Melbourne!

Sydney City View!

City View!

Too long, didn’t read: Sydney is pretty awesome.

Next Up: Wallabies and Penguins in Melbourne!

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