Bodacious Trip Alert: 8-Day Trip to Italy!

Bodacious Trip Alert: 8-Day Trip to Italy!

Bodacious Trip Alert: 8-Day Trip to Italy!

With the wife now back from deployment, it’s time for our post-deployment vacation! We started talking about this trip before she even left, although I would have never guessed that we’d settle on Italy!

When attempting to decide what to do for this vacation we bounced all over the placed – literally.

  • Our idea started out sending us to Iceland, Scotland and England.
  • Then we decided that we didn’t have enough time, and we’d cut out England.
  • Then, out of nowhere, my wife decided she wanted to go to Greece.
  • Then, the idea of a Mediterranean cruise popped in our head.
  • Then, wait, do we want to do South America?
  • Then, we’re close: let’s do two cities in Europe – how about Barcelona and Rome?
  • Finally, we hit it on the head. Let’s just focus on one country and see multiple cities inside of it – ITALY! 


Anyway, we finally decided on the trip in February, and once the dates were confirmed (for when we were able to go), I jumped right on the planning and booked it.

Our routing through the Italian Republic looks a little like this:

USA -> Rome
Rome -> Venice
Venice -> Florence
Florence -> Milan
Milan -> USA

We’ll be flying roundtrip coach on American (don’t remind me), entering through Rome (FCO) and departing through Milan (MXP).

During the trip, we’ll be staying in a mix of hotels and AirBNB. We’ll be in AirBNBs in Rome and Florence, and in hotels in Venice and Milan.

While I probably won’t be reviewing the flights (AA coach doesn’t seem enticing), I plan on having the following to review (at a minimum):

  • Rome in pictures
  • Boscolo Venezia, Marriott Autograph Collection
  • Venice in pictures
  • Florence in pictures
  • Park Hyatt Milan
  • One of the “Club S.E.A.” lounges in the MXP airport (courtesy of Priority Pass)

In addition to this list, I may also review the two AirBNBs in Rome and Florence, along with whatever else may come up!

The trip starts this weekend with an overnight flight on Friday to Rome!

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