Bodacious Trip Alert: DC, Abu Dhabi and the Maldives! (Honeymoon Edition!)

cathay pacific first class cx

Bodacious Trip Alert: DC, Abu Dhabi and the Maldives! (Honeymoon Edition!)

BODACIOUS TRIP ALERT!! (Honeymoon Edition)

I know that Joe and I haven’t even finished out trip report series from the Tokyo/Seoul/Vegas trip but there are more trips coming up! We will even have a guest (our brother Chris!) posting his trip report to Spain, France and Italy next month! But the next trip up is a big one, my Honeymoon!

As many of you know I got married a little over a week ago in Baltimore and after 2 weeks back at work, Katie (will she be Mrs. Points, MD then?) and I will be heading on our much awaited honeymoon to Abu Dhabi and the Maldive Islands! This is a trip that I have been planning for a long time and should be an amazing trip to take and hopefully an enjoyable one to report on.


For the trip we will be staying at some great hotels and flying in some amazing cabins. Here is just a small sample  of some reports that will be posted about this trip:

  • Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Washington DC
  • Flight Review: Etihad First Class IAD-AUH (B787)
  • Lounge Review: Etihad Arrival Lounge AUH (Abu Dhabi)
  • Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi May 2015
  • Flight Review: Etihad Business Class AUH-MLE
  • Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Maldives
  • Flight Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class MLE-HKG
  • Flight Review: Cathay Pacific First Class HKG-LAX

And really much much more!!

flight to abu dhabi maldives dc

Headed to the Maldives! Mostly on Etihad!

Much of the travel on this trip was made possible with the American Airlines Citi Executive credit card that was able to be applied for multiple times last winter/spring while it had a 100K miles sign up bonus.  This allowed Katie and I get over 600K miles just from one type of credit card! Since this is our honeymoon I had no problem spending over 400K of those miles to get us some awesome flights for this trip and set things exactly how I wanted!

cx cathay pacific maldives los angeles mle lax

Our awesome flight home on mostly Cathay Pacific!

As always we will have a breakdown after the trip reports to show exactly how many points everything cost and to our best estimate how we obtained the points and what it may have cost us in actual cash.

etihad cathay pacific maldives dc la abu dhabi

Honeymoon flights around the world!!

This is a trip I have been planning and looking forward to for a long time and I can’t believe it is finally here!  I am so excited to take this first trip as a married couple with my beautiful wife, Katie!

cathay pacific first class cx

(Not our photo!) Cathay Pacific First Class! It is going to be hillarious to see Katie in this huge seat! I’m pretty sure 2 of her could fit in it!

Stay tuned on facebook and twitter for pictures as the big honeymoon for Mr. and Mrs. Points, MD starts this weekend!

2 Comments on “Bodacious Trip Alert: DC, Abu Dhabi and the Maldives! (Honeymoon Edition!)

  1. Looking forward to the IAD-AUH trip report. I will be on that flight at the end of the year unless availability opens in the first apartment on the JFK-AUH

    • Quinn,
      We’re excited for that one too. If you end up getting the apartment, we may have a review for that coming as well…you’ll have to wait for the next honeymoon in September/October!

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