Bodacious Trip Alert: Greek Isles and Italian Spires!!

Bodacious Trip Alert: Greek Isles and Italian Spires!!

Bodacious Trip Alert: Greek Isles and Italian Spires!!

So I am not done my last trip report to Thailand and Cambodia from 3 months ago and I’m pretty sure Joe still has a post or 2 left from his Brocation to South Africa but another awesome trip is on the horizon!!

At the end of this week we will be heading to Greece for the week with a brief stop in Italy on the way home.

Some of the details at are still a bit up in the air but we will be flying Lufthansa in some form to get over to Athens.  Will have a couple nights there before heading to Santorini and then over to Milan before heading home!

bodacious trip alert milan athens santorinin lh ek

Possible flight plan on the way over!


As always there will be several reviews which will include some of the following:

-Lounge Reviews on the way (maybe in ORD, BOS, MUC, FRA, not sure yet)
-Flight Review of Lufthansa on the way there
-Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Athens


Radisson Blu Athens, our first stop

-What we saw in Athens
-Review of our hopefully awesome AirBnB on Santorini
-My review of the island
-Some Aegean Airlines economy flight review to Santorini and over to Milan
-What we saw in Milan, and what it was like there the day before the UEFA Chamipions Leage Final!
-Hotel Review: Boscolo Milano
-Surprise Airline review on the way back!
-Breakdown as always of the cost to the best of my ability

bodacious trip alert milan athens santorinin lh ek

Santorini to Milan

bodacious trip alert milan athens santorinin lh ek

View of the Duomo in Milan from a terrace at the Boscolo

So it should be an awesome trip to 3 locations neither I, nor my wife have ever been to before.  It will also be a bit of surprise as to what my flight reviews will be because besides the Aegean flights I haven’t really nailed them all down just yet.  But I have 4 days so it should be fine…CAN’T WAIT!

If anyone has suggestions on things to do, see, eat or drink in Athens, Santorini or Milan please let me know!!


2 Comments on “Bodacious Trip Alert: Greek Isles and Italian Spires!!

  1. Sounds fun! I’m still in the process of my IAD, AUH, DXB, PH Maldives, and Conrad Maldives review (with day trips on our layovers in MUC and IST). And we’re now planning a trip to SIN, SYD, and TNR for late next year. But am I missing something? Seems like you’re taking a LOT of trips. You get that much time off? Or are they a lot more spread out than I’m thinking? I’m Government, so only 4 weeks a year (5 weeks a year when I hit 15 in 8 years). But it’s pretty limiting.

    • HAHA, yeah, I feel like I get that a lot. There really aren’t that many trips but there are 2 of us so we get a few more trips to write about than some people. I get 3 weeks off a year and usually take a big trip with at least 2 of them. Before these last 2 trips of Thailand/Cambodia and Greece/Milan I hadn’t taken a big one since last May, but in between Joe went to the Maldives and South Africa. If you forget we are 2 people it can look like I am traveling all the time haha

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