Bodacious Trip Alert: Honeymoon #2!

Bodacious Trip Alert: Honeymoon #2!

Bodacious Trip Alert!!

I’m well aware that Kevin’s Honeymoon trip report is still ongoing, but it’s time to start another Honeymoon report! Jaime and I are getting married in 2 1/2 weeks and will then start our own whirlwind trip! We’re going to enjoy our wedding weekend in D.C. with family and friends, then take the Sunday afternoon flight (Sept. 27th) up to JFK to get the next party started!

Suites Class! Obviously not my photo (courtesy of Singapore Airlines), but I think we could easily fill these actor’s shoes.

The trip looks a little something like this:

DCA-JFK-FRA (1.5 days- stopover in Frankfurt- hotel TBD)

FRA-LON-AUH-MLE (5 days- Park Hyatt Maldives)

MLE-CMB-HKG (1 day- layover, no hotel needed)

HKG-JFK (Nighttime layover, local airport hotel TBD)


Honeymoon Map

Around the world!

While not all inclusive of the posts I’ll actually produce, here’s a little teaser of what to expect!

  • Lounge Review: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK
  • Flight Review: Singapore Airlines – Suites Class (A380) JFK-FRA
  • Hotel Review: Frankfurt hotel review (most likely the Intercontinental or Marriott)
  • City Review: 1 day in Frankfurt!
  • Lounge Review: Etihad Airways First & Business Class Lounge LHR
  • Flight Review: Etihad Airways – First Apartment LHR-AUH
  • Lounge Review: Etihad Airways Premium Lounge (Kev already went there, so I’ll be brief!)
  • Flight Review: Etihad Airways – Business Class AUH-MLE (Kev reviewed this too, so same concept!)
  • Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Maldives (see above, but my take on things)
  • Flight Review: Sri Lankan Airlines – Economy Class MLE-CMB
  • Lounge Review: (Unidentified lounge in Columbo, Sri Lanka)
  • Flight Review: Cathay Pacific – Business Class CMB-HKG
  • City Review: 1 day in Honk Kong!
  • Flight Review: Cathay Pacific – First Class HKG-JFK

Like I said, there will probably be more reports out of it, but it’s quite the trip and hell of a lot of flying (just over 21,000 miles)!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.56.41 PM

Most of the points for this trip were through about 4 cards. Jaime and I each got Amex Platinum (50k points each), AA Executive (100k points each), Chase Ink (50k points each) and the US Airways Mastercard (now the Aviator – 40-50k points each).


I’m going to make Jaime (my wife-to-be) do an identical pose as Katie (Kevin’s wife) on our Cathay flight (and by “make”, I mean ask really nicely).

We’ll have a few repeat destinations and flights on the trip, but as you know, every flight is a little different and there will be some awesome new products to review:

  • SQ A380 Suites Class
  • Insert Frankfurt stuff here
  • EY A380 First Apartments
  • Sri Lankan economy class flight (you don’t see these a whole lot)

If there are other opportunities or suggestions of reviews, let me know!


2 Comments on “Bodacious Trip Alert: Honeymoon #2!

  1. Congrats Joe! Very exciting itinerary! I’m planning my honeymoon to the Maldives as well and will be flying SG suites in April 2016 JFK-FRA-SG so looking forward to your reviews. Etihad Apartments is gonna be awesome!!

    • Thanks, Mark! Good luck with all of your honeymoon planning! I had a blast doing it and absolutely cannot wait to fly both the A380s!

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