Bodacious Trip Alert: Tokyo, Seoul and Vegas!

JAL first class

Bodacious Trip Alert: Tokyo, Seoul and Vegas!

This is a preview post for mine and Joe’s upcoming trip in about 5 weeks!  I know that is still a long time from now but I am so excited about it that I had to write something!  As you can see from the title we will be hitting 3 really cool cities, but we will also be experiencing some really great premium cabins and hotels.  And all of it will be done in about 9 days!  Here is a sample of some of the posts that will follow our trip:

  • Flight Review: US Airways A321 CLT-SFO
  • Flight Review: JAL 777 First Class SFO-HND
  • Flight Review: JAL 767 Business Class NRT-ICN
  • 1 Day in Tokyo! What we saw!
  • Seoul, South Korea: March 2015
  • Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Seoul
  • Flight Review:  Singapore Airlines 777 First Class ICN-SFO
  • Flight Review: Virgin America A320 Economy Class SFO-LAS
  • A BUNCH OF VEGAS STUFF and probably more

So as you can see there will be a lot to write about during and after this trip.

Joe and I will leave our current locations and meet in San Francisco airport in the evening of our departure date before continuing together on the rest of the adventure.  Originally the real point of the trip was to fly Korean Airlines’ 1st class cabin, which, you might notice, is NOT included above. Needless to say the details of the trip changed several times during the planning but it will still be an amazing time I’m sure.

korean airlines 5th freedom route

Our original plan for Korean Air 5th freddom flight

The catalyst for this trip was literally me sitting in my living room, looking at travel and points/miles stuff (as usual) thinking that I wanted to fly Korean Airlines and also, that Joe and I need to go somewhere this coming spring.  After batting around the idea of the KE 5th freedom route to Brazil  (LAX-GRU) and not seeing a lot of space or great return flights we changed our focus to Korea itself.  Neither of us had ever been to Asia before and we had already been to South America together, so the decision was made, Korea!

JAL flight route

New plan! Flight there on JAL (Japan Airlines)

Singapore airlines route

Flight back on Singapore Airlines and Virgin America

Then it was time to find the flights.  Obviously, since we wanted to fly KE 1st class, we called up and put a flight returning from Seoul to LA (ICN-LAX) on hold.  At that time they would hold a flight reservation up until 2 days before the flight.  This allowed plenty of time to collect Ultimate Rewards points for transfer to get the ticket.  So, with that ticket safely secured we turned to our huge reserves of American Airline miles for the flight over.  I found us 1st class and then Business class open on the flights from San Fransisco to Tokyo and on to Seoul (SFO-HND, NRT-ICN) on Japan Airlines (JAL) so we jumped on it.  The way these flight are set up it also gives us 13 hours in Tokyo, allowing us to see a city that neither of us has been to.

JAL first class

JAL First class seat from their website

In the end we will have :

  • 13 hours in Tokyo
  • 3 Full days in Seoul
  • Almost 3 full days in Las Vegas for my Bachelor Party!
  • 2 amazing 1st class flight and tons to report back on

In the reports I will also talk about how a trip centered around flying on Korean Airlines 1st class doesn’t even include a flight on Korean Airlines at all!  We will also discuss how we used our miles and points to get these great accommodations for super cheap!  Can’t wait to leave and can’t wait to share the adventure with everyone here!

Any advice for 13 hours in Tokyo or 3 days in Seoul??

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  1. If a little Asian man and a monkey are involved I’m sure there will be LOTS to report back on.

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