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Get a category bonus for paying Rent with your credit card!

Credit Card bonus for paying your rent!

When using credit cards you always wants to maximize your value.  A lot of times that will means using different cards for purchases … Read More!

Forget Starbucks! FREE COFFEE at Dunkin Donuts with DD Perks!!

FREE COFFEE at Dunkin Donuts with DD Perks!!

Over this last week there has been a lot of talk about Starbucks changing there loyalty program this April from one that … Read More!

Want to refund your non-refundable ticket? Here’s how.

“Mistake fares” as some may call them, can be a great opportunity to take spontaneous trips or maybe that trip you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

Many people around … Read More!

In the military? Get these credit cards.

I happen to know a lot of men and women in the military. Weird, huh? Anyway, this post will talk about what cards you need to have if you’re in … Read More!

Chase Ultimate Rewards: How to spend them with Chase and Transfer Partners

If you missed the first post introducing Chase Ultimate Rewards points, the corresponding credit cards, and how to earn UR points, click here.

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Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards: The Cards and how the points are earned!


Chase Ultimate Rewards points are some of the most valuable points ‘currencies’ around, and mine and Kevin’s personal favorite. In this series we’re going to discuss:

  • The Cards and
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american airlines

Booking American Airline Awards: The RULES

Booking American Airlines Awards:
1. Getting Started, Earning and The Chart
2. The RULES
3. Booking American Airlines and OneWorld Partners

american airlines

In our last post we discussed the award charts … Read More!


My Starbucks Rewards

As many of you know, Starbucks, like many other companies has a loyalty rewards program called My Starbucks Rewards.  It is easy to sign up for this program simply by … Read More!

american express blue bird

What is Manufactured Spending?

Manufactured spending.  I guess the simplest way to explain MS is to say that it is spending money without spending money.  It is a term used by many people … Read More!

Getting Started: Hotel Points

Points can be found everywhere you look.

In this post, I’ll cover how points can be earned, and used, in the hotel world.

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Hotel Points. These … Read More!

Getting Started: Airline Alliances

I got some airlines miles!! Now, how do I use them?…In order to get the most value out of your airline miles it is important to first understand how the … Read More!

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Points, M.D.! We’re Kevin (the doctor) and Joe (the Marine) and we’re here to share with you our travel experiences, photos, stories and tips we’ve learned along the … Read More!