When it comes to generating points/miles, if someone mentions “double dipping” it’s usually a way to get two different types of miles/points (or just double miles) during a single purchase or action.  For example, if you  buy something through the Chase Shopping portal or another portal and use a points earning credit card then you would get Chase Ultimate Rewards points plus the points from your credit card for the same purchase.

This double dip is a little different however.  As we discussed in our post on manufactured spending, one of the ways to generate points/miles is to buy Visa gift cards and load your RedCard at Target which can then be used to pay of your credit card.

redcard target prepaid

My most frequent MS involves driving to my local Simon Mall and buying Visa gift cards there for $3.95 per $500 and then heading to Target to get them loaded on my RedCard.  This mall will only allow you to buy $5K worth of Visa cards a day so that is what I usually do.  Since I currently have 4 RedCards this means about 4X a month I will make this trip.  The mall is actually on my way to Target which makes the trip a little easier, and I also combine it with a trip to the gym, making it a even more productive.

So what is the double dip then?

As I said, I make this trip about 4 times a month to load $5K to each of my 4 RedCards.  Well, there is also a Starbucks in this Target which is the key to my double dipping.  As I explained in the Perpetual Star Machine post, you can earn free stars at Starbucks by purchasing Starbucks gift cards and then loading them right back to your registered Gold Card or Starbucks Card.

Therefore, each time I go to load my RedCard I then walk the 20 feet over to Starbucks and purchase three $5 Starbucks gift cards (with my registered Starbucks Gold Card) in separate transactions to get 3 stars.  Since you need 12 stars for a free food or beverage at Starbucks that means at the end of the month (when I am done my four trips) I am also treated to FREE STARBUCKS!  (So Joe understands this post: 3 x 4 = 12.  12 Stars = Free coffee)

starbucks free stars

Clearly this isn’t changing the game or altering anyone’s miles/points strategies, but since a large number of Targets have Starbucks in them, I thought it was a really simple way to treat yourself to a free coffee drink without really going out of your way.

Hope this helped you all get a free treat!!


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