Earn Miles, Plus Cheap Gasoline!!

giants food stores rewards gas visa gift card points shell

Earn Miles, Plus Cheap Gasoline!!

Today, in honor of the holiday weekend we have a guest post by our Father, MJ Caldwell, Jr.  He is the one who got us into the hobby and will share his latest money saving points/miles strategy.

Guest Post: MJ Caldwell, Jr.

It’s always a good day when you can earn miles for everyday spending on your credit card at various stores, restaurants, or gas stations.  It’s even better when you can earn miles with credit card spending and save on gasoline at the same time!

giants food stores rewards gas visa gift card points shell

Since I live in Maryland, almost every largely populated area has a Giant food store.  Every Wednesday Giant Food Stores places its weekly sales advertisements in the local paper (or you can go online to view the weekly ad).  Giant food stores sell gift cards, usually on a large display.  They offer a wide variety of store cards for popular stores and restaurants; such as, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Carabba’s.  But the display of Visa cards gets my attention every couple of months when the “special” weekly Giant circular arrives.
giants food stores rewards gas visa gift card points shell Giant has a unique program with Shell Oil gas stations.  With the Giant rewards program you earn one point for every dollar you spend at Giant.  For every $100.00 you spend on groceries at Giant you earn a 10 cent discount at Shell gas stations when you fill up your gas tank.  For example, if you spent $150 on groceries at Giant you could fill up your large SUV with 20 gallons of gasoline at Shell and save 15 cents per gallon for a total savings of $3.50.  That’s a nice little perk for buying groceries and household items.  (Shell caps the total per gallon discount at $2.20 per gallon, which is 2200 reward points.)

giants food stores rewards gas visa gift card points shell

Yet, this Giant program gets even better.  Every week Giant advertises that certain gift cards receive an award bonus.  On these occasions Giant will double or triple your reward points on the purchase of those particularly advertised gift cards.  As an example; if the Gap gift cards are an advertised special, you would buy $200 worth of gift cards and earn triple reward points (600 reward points or 60 cents per gallon) off each gallon of gasoline on a fill up at Shell.

giants food stores rewards gas visa gift card points shell

But, it gets very good three or four times per year when Giant advertises double or triple points for Visa gift cards.  Visa gift cards can be used almost everywhere for all types of purchases.   If you are a Target Prepaid Red Card or Bluebird account holder you can deposit these Visa gift debit cards to your account.

giant 2x points gas rewards shell visa gift card

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy 3 Visa cards with a full amount of $500 each for a total purchase of $1500.  (You can do this everyday of the advertised special if you want).
  2. For the purchase of $1500 of Visa gift cards you earn 4500 points (when tripled) in the rewards program to use at Shell.  The points are good for 30 days from date of purchase.
  3. The Visa cards cost $5.95 each to purchase for an expense of $17.85.
  4. Now that you have 4500 points, you can fill up your 18 gallon tank (or whatever size), in your vehicle at Shell with a discount of $2.20 per gallon two times in that thirty (30) day period.
  5. You just saved $79.00 (if it is an 18 gallon tank), or two gas tank fill ups for a purchase cost of $17.85!

You earned hotel points/airline miles using your credit card and, you can use your Visa cards for monthly spending (groceries at Giant?) or deposit the funds to your Bluebird or Target Prepaid Red Card account to pay normal monthly bills or pay off your credit cards.

Giant just ran a one week “triple your reward” Visa gift card advertised special on Visa Gift cards that ended June 26th.  However, Giant is now advertising double points on the Visa gift cards for three (3) weeks (June 26th to July 14th).  Try it out and save on Shell gas!!  Just make sure to check the circular at you local store to be sure the dates are the same.

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  1. That’s all great and wonderful. But what if you don’t live in an area with Giant stores?

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