Flight Review: Iberia Business Class MAD-MIA

iberia business class

Flight Review: Iberia Business Class MAD-MIA

Iberia Business Class: MAD-MIA
After a wonderful trip to London and Paris it was finally time to head home. We left the Hyatt Paris Madeleine early in the morning in a cab to ORY for our flight to Madrid and on to Miami. We were booked in business class for both of these flights which allowed us to enter the Iberia Business Class lounge at ORY as well as get the “fast track” pass through security.

Our Trip so far:

Our business class flight from ORY-MAD was nothing too exciting as it was a regular intra-european business class flight, which is simply economy with a the middle seat blocked off.  There is also a curtain draped between you and the economy class as well as a meal but nothing I would pay for.


iberia intraeurpoe business class

1 Row of “business class”

iberia business class

2 rows on my side, nothing special

iberia business class


After arriving in MAD we went through security to T4S to the Iberia VIP Velazquez Business Class Lounge.  After a really nice 4 hours of eating, drinking and enjoying some plane spotting we were off to the main event.

Airline: Iberia
Class: Business Plus
Plane: A330-300
Route: MAD-MIA
Date: 5/19/14
Seats: 3E and 3G

We ended up boarding a little later than we had originally planned as the lounge was quite far from the gate. Once on board we were shown to our seat and Katie was actually very surprised at the size of our seats.  I had told her we were flying international business class and it was a lot nicer than she was used to, but I don’t think she believed me until this moment.   The Iberia Business class is a 1-2-1 configuration with fully lie flat seats in a staggered Solstys-style.  We were in the third row in seats E and G which were right next to each other in the middle.  The rows are staggered so that there is a large middle divider between the seats in one row and the large divider is on the outside in the next row.  If you had to sit in the middle and were traveling alone you would probably want rows 2 and 4 since they had a large divider between you and the other passenger.  However, since we were traveling together the odd-numbered rows were great as we were shielded a bit from the aisle with the divider on the outside as well as being right next to each other.

iberia business class

Our seats

iberia business class

Window seat with divider on widow side

iberia business class
iberia business class

iberia business class champagne

Champagne before take off

iberia business class amenity kit

Amenity Kit

iberia business class amenity kit

Amenity Kit Contents

iberia business class amenity kit

Amenity Kit Beauty Items

Shortly after take off were offered warm towels and the menus for the flight as well as an amenity kit.  After that we were offered wine and a snack of olives while we looked over the menu.  I ended up ordering the Duck Liver Terrine for appetizer, the Roast Suckling Lamb with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes for my entrée and the chocolate and citrus fruit ice cream for dessert.

iberia business class

Snack before our meal

iberia business class menu
iberia business class
iberia business class

iberia business class wine

Wine Menu

iberia business class wine
iberia business class
iberia business class wine
iberia business class wine

iberia business class meal


iberia business class meal


iberia business class meal


iberia business class meal

Snack before landing

Overall I thought that food was good, but not great. I did not care for the Duck liver and I was not overly impressed with the lamb. Katie felt the same way about her meals. On the other hand, the wine was great and we felt the need to try several of them! Prior to landing they also offered a snack which consisted of meats and cheese which I actually really enjoyed.

During the flight you area able to use the personal entertainment system which I found to be very comprehensive and easy to use with a 15 inch screen and a very large selection of TV, movie, music and games.  My system worked perfectly, but Katie’s actually had to be reset several times before working correctly.  This was frustrating to deal with when you just really want to watch the Lego Movie!

The seat controls were very easy to use and I found the seat itself to be pretty spacious and comfortable.  When fully flat I fell asleep easily and thought the pillow and blanket comfortable as well.

iberia business class

Our screens

iberia business class


iberia business class

Seat Controls

Iberia business class

Our pillow and blanket ready to be unpacked


iberia business class

Plenty of room to stretch out

iberia business class

Fully lie flat seat, only picture we took for some reason

Overall we had a great experience on this flight and it was a very comfortable way to fly back from Europe.  It was our first international business class flight together and Katie now thinks we should always take long flights like this!
Service: Friendly and attentive
Amenity Kit: Just fine for business class
Food: Good, but certainly not great
Drink: Wine was very good and there was a wide selection of beverages
Entertainment System: Great! (although Katie’s needed a few resets)
Seat: Great, able to sleep 3.5 hours even though it was an afternoon/evening flight

Cost: 50K (X2)  American Airlines miles for one way flight (but we would continue on to Hawaii on this same ticket 5 months later)

Overall: Would certainly use my miles to fly this again.


10 Comments on “Flight Review: Iberia Business Class MAD-MIA

  1. Thanks for giving us this. I’m looking to get from LAX to Italy this summer and Iberia may be used for part of the trip.

    Explain to me how you used that MAD to MIA ticket 5 months later to get to Hawaii? Thanks!

    • Glad you liked the post! Unfortunately the booking rule on American Airlines that allowed you to attach that flight to Hawaii no long exists. The rule allowed you to layover in any city in USA that you touched down in, on an international trip, for up to a year from the time the ticket was booked and then continue on to somewhere else in North America. So we layed over in Miami and then continued to Honolulu as our final destination.

  2. Great review Kevin! Iberia is one of those airlines that doesn’t get reviewed too often so it’s nice to get an updated review of them. I was looking at them for a European trip also and those seats aren’t bad. If traveling by yourself, the single window seats with the divider by the aisle looks incredibly private and if traveling together, the “love seats” look great. Thanks for this.

    • No problem! Thanks for checking it out. Glad it was useful for you.

  3. Thank you for the review. I am scheduled to fly them on business class from Miami to Rome with a layover in Madrid. I appreciate your review as it gives me something to look forward too. I guess my only concern is I didn’t see anything on the menu that I really cared for. I may make a special meal request before hand.

    Did you use the Iberia Lounge in Miami?

    Does the flight offer wifi? And are there movies in both English and Spanish?

    • Hey Bobby,
      I didn’t use the lounge in Miami because I actually stayed the night in Miami and used an Admirals Club the next day. I did go to the lounge in Madrid and I thought it was one of the better business class lounges I have been to. I don’t recall whether there was Wifi on my flight but I know they do have Wifi on their planes: http://www.iberia.com/web/obsmenu.do?language=en&country=US&quadrigam=WIFI&quickaccess=true

      Finally, yes, the movies are in English and Spanish. You can pick the language when you choose your movie.

      I had a great time on this flight and would not hesitate to fly them again! I hope you have an awesome experience and hopefully they can find something that fits your diet. Have fun!

  4. great review! looking to book Iberia on way to France and they threw me off when they informed me they only had business and not first. They are not pods but awesome that they have lie flat seats. Thanks for this review, it is very helpful!

  5. Thanks for this review, I almost cancelled our reservations because of someone elses opinion. We are doing same , using AA points from Mia to Bordeaux. Very helpful.

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