Flight Review: Virgin America Economy Class SFO-LAS

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Flight Review: Virgin America Economy Class SFO-LAS

With our time coming to a close at the Admirals Club and already seeing some great basketball in the first few games of the tournament from the lounge, we headed to our gate at 54B for VA 908 to Las Vegas! Let the real Bachelor Party begin!



Airline: Virgin America Airlines
Route: VA908 SFO-LAS
Cabin: Y
Plane: A320
Seats: 14 E and 14 F
Flight time: 1.5 hours

Still being hungover suffering from an unknown illness, we jumped on to what turned out to be a nice flight on Virgin America.

It was the first Virgin American flight for the both of us, and we were impressed by the cabin staff, the in-flight entertainment and the decorating of the cabin with those bright colors.



The seats I wished we were in…

Coming off a trip being all on business and first class flights across the Pacific, it was back to reality with this quick economy hop to LAS. It was an hour and a half flight, so not an issue at all, and I actually really enjoyed soaking in the plane and the experience, being our first time and all.

I can absolutely see the appeal for flyers in the VA market. VA seems to run a very good airline – if only their frequent flyer program compared (Delta anyone?).


He did not feel nearly as good as he looked!

Kev pretty much fell asleep the entire flight, but I was busy playing with the IFE and watching college basketball….in the air! This was by far the best part of the flight. Since we were flying on the first Thursday of March Madness (kinda the whole reason we were going to Vegas that weekend), there was live college basketball on multiple channels – and I was watching them at 30,000 feet! So. Cool.


Watching march madness in the sky, I couldn’t be happier – minus the mystery sickness.


Some pretty awesome views of the mountains!

Not too many photos being a quick flight on a jam-packed plane, but a great experience. It was such a great change from the normal, domestic economy flights I’ve always taken. This flight was fun. Now, on the way to Vegas, everyone is usually in a very good mood, and it was a beautiful, sunny day, so that may have helped. But it was something that really stuck out to me. The flight attendants, on a short flight, were extremely attentive and always smiling. The ordering options on the touch screens were so cool, and the food/drinks you order came pretty quickly (I didn’t order anything, but the guy next to me ordered a few brews!).

Everything from the easy, friendly check-in desks, to the awesome in flight entertainment, I give this flight a big thumbs up! Not living anywhere near where Virgin America flights operate, I rarely even have an opportunity to take them. But from now on, if I do have that opportunity on short domestic hops, and the price is even close to competitive, I’d chose them – hands down!

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