Forget Starbucks! FREE COFFEE at Dunkin Donuts with DD Perks!!

Forget Starbucks! FREE COFFEE at Dunkin Donuts with DD Perks!!

FREE COFFEE at Dunkin Donuts with DD Perks!!

Over this last week there has been a lot of talk about Starbucks changing there loyalty program this April from one that awards you a star per purchase to one that is based on the amount of money you spend.  And many people are not happy with this.


Basically it used to take you 30 Stars (30 separate purchases) to earn Gold Status and once you were Gold you got a free item (food or beverage) every 12 additional stars for the rest of that year and next.  Pretty simple but it could be annoying to buy each coffee separately.

starbucks award starts april

Changes to Award Chart

To “help” customers and staff with this slow down at the register they will change to a program which gives you 1 star per $2 spent with Gold Status needing 300 stars and additional free items needing 125 stars.

If you do the simple math it basically costs $150 in a year to get Gold Status and THEN an additional $62.5 per free item after that. Sooooo, your first “free” Venti Carmel Macchiato with 15 shots, if you are starting from scratch, will cost about $212.50!

DD perks dunkin donuts loyalty

So here is a BETTER coffee loyalty program, Dunkin Donuts DD Perks!

The program lay out is simple and and it is going to cost you less money for both your initial free drinks and subsequent ones.

Not only that, you are going to get free drinks and discounts along the way…lots of them.

DD perks dunkin donuts loyalty

dd perks dunkin donuts loyalty program


1.  FREE DRINK simply for signing up for the program and loading a few bucks to it.

2.  FREE DRINK each year on your birthday (SB does this too).

3. 5 points per $1 spent and 200 points for a FREE DRINK!

Doing some quick math you see that a free drink cost $40, which is significantly less than the $62.50 at Starbucks.  Not only that, you won’t have to pay $150 to become Gold Status in the first place!

For people like my parents who go to Dunkin Donuts a few Sundays a month to get donuts and buy a few bags of coffee for the house, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

But don’t worry, it gets better!

dd perks dunkin donuts loyalty program


On your DD Perks app you will see lots of discounts!  Now some might say, “Well Starbucks sent me offers for multiple stars every couple weeks, though.”  That’s nice. But these offers are for actually money, not a star for some amount to be determined depending on what I get and how much it cost me to get the rest.

dd perks dunkin donuts loyalty program


Just a few of the offers I have on my phone now:

Pay with your phone = Free Beverage

$1 off a Hot Chocolate

FREE Birthday Beverage

These change all the time, and although I don’t go to DD much I have got several free or deeply discounted drinks just by taking a look at these offers every now and then.


What people who frequent Dunkin Donuts might also notice is that on the bottom of most receipts after your purchase you get an offer for a FREE DONUT when you buy a medium or large drink in the next 3 days.



Also, most days there is some discount for getting a beverage in the afternoon at DD.  For instance, right now you can get a medium iced or hot coffee for $1.29 after 2pm.  Which is a savings of either $0.50 or $1 depending on what you get.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will likely still go to Starbucks.  They are EVERYWHERE, I generally like either coffee and I am already Gold Status through January 2017 anyway.  I also might use my little hack to load up on FREE stars before it potentially disappears with the new program. BUT, you bet I will be going to DD significantly more!

dd perks dunkin donuts loyalty program


STARBUCKS: Cost starting out without out Gold Status – First free item (after April) = $212.50

STARBUCKS: Cost with Gold Status – First Free item = $62.50

DUNKIN DONUTS: Cost of ALL free beverages (PERIOD) = $40

So there you have it!  The math is pretty simple.  Not happy with the changes coming to Starbucks?  Move over to a place with arguably better coffee!  Even if it’s just to get your first beverage free and another free one on your birthday each year, I think everyone should at least sign up!

What do you guys think?  Are you going to try it out?

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