Get American Airlines Elite Status with ONLY credit card spend!!

Get American Airlines Elite Status with ONLY credit card spend!!

Get American Airlines Elite Status with ONLY credit card spend!!

I am not huge on airline status as I don’t fly nearly enough to make it worthwhile, but I will take it if they basically want to give it to me!

American Airlines

Around this time last year I gained American Airlines Gold status after being emailed a fast track offer by American Airlines.  I could get Gold by flying only 6K miles instead of the usual 25K.  Since I already had flights booked on AA totaling over 6K it was a no brainer.  This status ended this past February.

american ailrines aa credit card spend elite status

Prior to losing my AA status I actually did a status match to United Airlines for Silver Status, which I got right away and was able to keep through Feb 2017 because, again, I already had 8K miles on UA flights (require 7K) booked during the 3 month trial period.

As you can see below, you usually need 25K miles or more for any Elite Status with American Airlines. I probably fly that amount in the course of a year, but since all long haul flights I take are with miles (which don’t count), I don’t actually get very close to that threshold.

american airlines elite status

Anyway, the point is that you need to fly some actual paid flights to get AA status (usually). You can supplement the amount of EQM you need with the Citi AA Executive credit card and Barclay AA Silver credit card by spending $40K on each and getting 10K EQM from each but you would still need another 5K miles!  Not to mention the fact that you just spent $80K!!

credit card spend for american airlines aa elite status

Well two days ago American Airlines emailed me a very enticing email.  It looked like the same Elite Status email that I get sometimes where you can pay way too much money to buy up to status which I have no interest in, but luckily I read the whole thing.

The offer they presented was immediate upgrade to American Airlines Gold Status when spending $6K over the next 3 months on my Citi American Airlines Platinum card!  Now, that is an offer I can get behind!

credit card spend for aa american airlines elite status

I have no sign up bonuses (well not big ones) to hit at the moment so through regular spend and a little MS I should be able to hit that no problem!  And it’s not as if I will just get the status for spending that much, I will still get my same AA miles I would usually get.

SO check your emails!  Don’t just delete ones that look like a “Buy Status” email!!

Spending $6K to get at least 6K AA miles and Gold status again until Feb 2017!  I’m in!

Has anyone else got this or similar offers?  Has anyone got one for a higher status??

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