Hotel Review: New York Marriott Marquis Times Square

Hotel Review: New York Marriott Marquis Times Square

Let’s recap where we left on the last post. On NYC business trip #1, I stayed at the Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park.

Now it’s time for trip #2 and my stay at the New York Marriott Marquis!

The Marquis was a stark contrast to the R.I. The hotel is absolutely massive!


Artist rendering of what it WILL look like…with some much constructing on the street level I barely recognize this!

As with the Residence Inn I stayed at the night before, I was able to check in early at the Marriott Marquis (just around noon).

The first floor of this hotel is more or less empty, with escalators up to the 2nd floor, or elevators to whatever floor you want (but there is a Starbucks for you coffee fiends lovers!). The check-in, main lobby, business center (rip off), concierge, stores, etc. is on the 8th floor. Seeing as I was just getting there, that’s where I headed!

Upon check-in, I asked for an upgrade to a Times Square view room, to which I got one on the 22nd floor. The gentleman at the desk (let’s call him Claud) was very nice and said that if I didn’t like it, to come back down, and he would see what else he could do!

Well, turns out the 22nd floor was connected to a different bank of elevators than the top part of the hotel. That meant I would have to go down to the 8th floor and then take the elevators back up from there to get to the Concierge Lounge (on the 30th floor). So, I went back down, told Claud that I wanted a higher room on the same set of elevators as the CL, and he actually told me a room just opened up all the way on the 39th floor with an awesome TS view! Thanks, Claud!

P.S. I ended up being so busy during the week that I never even made it into the CL….I know, I know, I should have, if only for review purposes. I let you down!

Anyway, after playing a little room-key-roulette, I ended up in 3919, my home for the next 7 nights!


Room: HUGE for NYC standards; I can’t emphasize that enough.

Now, this place isn’t cheap by any means, but I got awesome value (probably because I paid the government rate….) at $268.00 a night.


My huge room!


I moved all my stuff off the spare bed just for this picture….you’re welcome.

As you enter the room, there’s a decent sized closet on your right, and the bathroom on your left.


That’ll do!


Really powerful shower! Stark contrast from my weak pressure in NC!

The room had a lot of great features. The two beds (even though I didn’t need them, and even told them I’d go to a King if they needed) turned out to come in handy as I had a friend who was in town visiting stay in the other bed a few nights. They were comfortable and I slept like a rock.


Miniature couch I never touched.


It had one job – let me watch Game of Thrones. Well done, TV.

Everything else about the room was pretty standard…oh yeah, except for the awesome views!


Beautiful NYC day!


And the night shot!


View over where you can barely see Pier 92 (where I was working for the week).

This hotel is known for it’s conferences. In fact it had about 7 floors full of conference rooms, and the hotel was completely packed the entire time I was there.

These elevators were a first for me. You have to input your floor number on a keypad and the robot will tell you which elevator to go into. You better get on the one it says, because there aren’t any floor buttons once you get on! It was pretty efficient considering how many thousands of people had to be in the hotel at any given time – thumbs up!

Marriott Marquis elevators

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the keypad….

The fitness center is located on the 23rd floor. Just like everything else in the hotel, it’s massive. It boasts some TS views, and has a ton of equipment so it never felt like it was crowded even during what seemed to be busy times.

nyc marriott marquis fitness center

Where I got HUGE.

Location: If you’re a tourist in NYC, this hotel location cannot not be beat. I had work primarily at Pier 92 and in the Times Square/Bryant Park area, so this was a perfect middle ground for me. The hotel is smack dab in the middle of Times Square, in between 45th-46th streets and Broadway.

Food: There was not a lack of options for food. However, to get something decent that isn’t a chain, you had a walk a bit away from Times Square. For me that pretty much meant heading into Hell’s Kitchen. It was convenient and in between my hotel and the pier.

Overall, this hotel was SOLID. I really enjoyed my time there and, similar to the R.I. Central Park, I’d definitely stay again!

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