Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

park hyatt paris vendome

Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome!
After a great few days in London we were off to Paris for the rest of our trip!  Getting in the cab at the train station we told him “Park Hyatt Vendome,” and he knew just where to take us.  This is a hotel I had been looking forward to staying at for a long time.   It has many many great reviews and I knew that the nights there normally cost $800-$1000 a night! A price we could never really afford!

Our Trip so far:

We were able to stay here due to our Hyatt Gold Passport Points.  At the time we booked our room it cost 22K points per night to stay here.  However, shortly after our nights were booked Hyatt had a devaluation of their points currency as well as adding a new category to their award chart.  So while this was a Category 6 and 22K for us last May, it would now be a Category 7 and cost 30K points per night.  Therefore, it cost us 66K for 3 night back in May but would cost 60K for 2 nights today. Either way, it’s a great use of points and there are even easier ways to get 2 nights here as I will discuss at the end.


park hyatt paris vendome


This hotel is located near Place Vendome which is a large square with an iconic large column in the center. It is a very affluent area of Paris where there are many high end stores here like Rolex, Chanel, Tiffany, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, etc.  Great for looking through windows but not places we could ever shop (regardless of how much Katie wanted to).  More importantly, the hotel is located a short walk to The Louvre, d’Orsay, Champs Elysees, Notre Dame and other great attractions.

Place Vendome

Place Vendome

When we entered the hotel and went to the first desk on the left we immediately noticed a woman in a fur coat with stacks of Louis Vuitton luggage.  For the second time on our trip we felt very under dressed for our hotel haha. When we told them we were checking in, someone immediately took are bags while another hotel representative directed us down the hall to the check-in desk. Our bags later appeared in our room a few minutes after we arrived there.

park hyatt paris vendome

Hall from the check-in to the front door

Upon checking us in the woman acknowledged our Diamond status and explained that the Full American Breakfast was free for both of us each morning, and could be taken in the restaurant or as room services.  She then lead us on a tour of the hotel and escorted us to our room where she then explained the different amenities.  A minute or two after she had left, there was a knock at the door and our bags were brought in…magic.

Celebratory Champagne!

Celebratory Champagne!

Since we had just got engaged a few days before in London I decided to email the hotel about our special news and asked if they could do something to make our stay extra special! Therefore, when we entered our room we were happy to see a bucket of ice with a bottle of champagne and a personalized note of congratulations! We noticed this while we were being shown around our room and thanked the desk woman several times.  She also asked us if we would like our Diamond welcome gift (a bottle of wine) the next evening since we had this bottle for tonight.  So we scheduled our gift to be delivered at 7pm the next night.  Pretty good start!

TIP:  If you have a remotely special event during (or before) your hotel stay then email the hotel a few days ahead of time letting them know and asking if there is anything they can do to make your stay special.  We have received upgrades, better views, etc….can’t hurt to ask.

park hyatt paris vendome

Diamond Welcome Gift park hyatt paris vendome

Diamond Welcome Gift

We were given a Deluxe Park King Room overlooking the court-yard which was an upgrade over the Park Queen that you are usually booked into when using points, due to our Diamond status.   I was really excited that we had a view of the court-yard as it is very quiet and a beautiful sight from the window.

park hyatt paris vendome


park hyatt paris vendome courtyard


park hyatt paris vendome


Little metal man on the mirror park hyatt paris vendome

Little metal man on the mirror in the room

Espresso Machine park hyatt paris vendome

Espresso Machine





Tub park hyatt paris vendome


Shower park hyatt paris vendome

Shower with sink, of course…

Shower and tub park hyatt paris vendome

Shower and tub…wait, what?

Bathroom amenity kit park hyatt paris vendome

Bathroom amenity kit

Bathroom park hyatt paris vendome


As you can see, it is a great, spacious room with a beautiful view of the court-yard. The bathroom was very elegant and also eclectic as the tub, shower, a bench and an extra sink were all in the same area with nothing separating them. As strange as it was, it was actually pretty cool how open the shower was. The rest of the bathroom was very spacious with an area to fit both our suitcases and a rack to hang clothes to go along with the mirror and sink. As you can see they also had an amenity kit for the guests.

Another great aspect of the room was the espresso machine and the bottles of Evian on each night stand.  Each of these were replenished each afternoon with the turn-down service.  The espresso machine was great because we would come back around 3-4pm each day to take a break, have a baguette and an espresso each day before going out again for the evening.

park hyatt paris vendome

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome


Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snack

One of my favorite aspects of Diamond status is the free breakfast which allowed us to try the restaurant (Les Orchidees) as well as room services! Both were extremely delicious and way more than we could eat. The restaurant allows you to order a Full American Breakfast which includes an egg entrée, a breakfast meat, fruit, a selection of breads and a coffee or espresso drink as well as a buffet.  The room service is the Full American Breakfast with everything listed above.  The crazy thing about the free breakfast benefit at this hotel is that these breakfasts cost 50 euros each usually!  I would never pay the equivalent (when we were there) of $150 for us to eat breakfast but I will gladly take it for free!

We also had a drink one evening at Le Bar which is the bar located in the hotel.  As you would expect the drinks were all very expensive.  Katie and I each had a glass of the Mas Amiel Muscat de Rivesaltes (15€ each) which was excellent and served with chocolate truffles and warm nuts which I thought was a nice touch to make you feel the luxury of the bar.  The service was also excellent and made us feel like the only ones there.

TIP: If you are eating/drinking at a hotel, charge the cost to your room so you will get hotel points as well as any points you would gain from your credit card.


park hyatt paris vendome breakfast

park hyatt paris vendome breakfast

Les Orchidees park hyatt paris vendome

Les Orchidees

Room Serivce park hyatt paris vendome

Room Serivce

park hyatt paris vendome

Park hyatt vendome le bar

Le Bar (from the hotel website)

How do I get there? Well that depends a bit on where you are coming from.  Katie and I came in on the train (Gare du Nord) and for us the easiest thing to do was to grab a cab.  You could also take the subway from there, and you would have to change lines 1 time and then get off at Opera before walking a few blocks south to the hotel.  If you are flying in and coming from CDG you can also take a cab that will probably run 40-50 € (for 2) or take the train on the Blue line to Gare du Nord (and onward) which will cost about 10 € per person.  Coming from ORY is a little more difficult as you need to take a bus and then a train to Gare du Nord.  We left via ORY and the difference in price between a cab and train was about 15-20 € and a lot of time and lugging of suitcases around so we were happy to take a cab for 40 €.

Any restaurants suggestions? There is one restaurant that Katie and I happened upon while walking around on our second night that we really enjoyed.  Fuxia is only about a 4 block walk east down Rue Danielle Casanova and it was a great little find.  It was very open to the outside, had good food, good wine, one of the strangest/best bruschetta I have ever had.  Also, very importantly, it was incredibly reasonable for Paris.  Not only that, our waiter was awesome and gave us a ton of attention even though he seemed to be taking care of half the restaurant.  If you go there, try to sit on the street side where one of the glass windows/doors is open.  It is a great part of the restaurant to have tons of space and do some great people watching during dinner!

What is Diamond Status and How do I stay here even cheaper than points? First of all, Diamond is the top tier status for Hyatt which gives you a points bonus when paying cash, a 4pm check-out, free breakfast, free high speed Wi-Fi, room upgrade, a welcome gift and a few other benefits.  I gained this status right before our trip from a Hyatt Status Challenge (this challenge no longer exists in the form I used it) and have since gained it outright.  SO, there is a way to get 2 nights at this awesome hotel even cheaper…by getting the Hyatt Credit Card.  This card gives you 2 free nights at ANY Hyatt hotel after spending $1,000 in 3 months (as well as Platinum status).  Two friends of mine (couple) each got this card over the last couple months and now have 4 nights booked for free at the Park Hyatt Vendome this spring!

(TIP: if you are going to get this card, go to the Hyatt website and start to book a room in the US first.  This will cause an offer to appear somewhere on the screen for the credit card when you get to the final screen to book the room. This offer includes these 2 nights AND a $50 credit.  You don’t have to book the room.  Once you get this offer and click on it you can close the booking window.)

Cost of 3 nights: It is hard to say exactly how much money these nights cost as the points came from a combination of Ultimate Rewards (Chase Credit Card transferred to Hyatt) from shopping portals, Manufactured Spending, regular every day spend and a Chase Freedom credit card sign up bonus (20K).  With the MS I used at that time and assuming I did this for 46K of the 66K it would have cost us a maximum of $368 for theses night.  However, with points coming from many other sources I know the cost is far less than this, so we will say the final out-of-pocket cost is 66K Hyatt points = <$368.


This was a hotel that I had been looking forward to staying at for a long time and it definitely lived up to the hype!  Every aspect of your stay is taken care of with a high attention to detail and this truly is a luxury hotel in every sense of the term.  Obviously our stay was enhanced due to our diamond status, but even without the extras due to our status this would have been a great stay!  While I could never recommend paying $800/night for a room, with points or free nights this is a great great stay! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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  1. Just note that if you’re charging items to the room as you mentioned, you will likely not earn points for the alcohol. I have yet to see a property where I have earned points for alcohol. Probably due to regulations that prohibit properties from offering an incentive (points) for the purchase of alcohol.

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