Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street

After a busy 2 days in London which included a trip to Oxford/Windsor Castle/Stonehenge and an engagement by the Tower Bridge, we were off to our next hotel!! Again using 50K Club Carlson points for 2 nights!


ENGAGED!!                 Oxford                          Stonehenge

Our Trip so far:

Hotel #2 in London, The Radisson Blu Mercer Street!! This hotel is another Club Carlson Hotel that is located in the Covent Garden District of London which neither of us had been to before.  More specifically it is located on a road junction called The Seven Dials where seven streets converge and there is a pillar bearing sundials.


radisson blu mercer street london

Radisson Blu

As with the May Fair, this hotel is also very well located so that you can walk to a lot of great locations!  It is a short walk to The British Museum, The National Gallery, Leicester Square, Covent Garden Market, Piccadilly Circus, etc.   Also, being in this seven dials area there is less traffic and lots of great restaurants and shops.  This hotel is much smaller than our previous hotel as it only has 137 rooms (compared to the 408 at May Fair).  However, this is one of the things that I really like about it!  The hotel just felt cozy and very relaxed.  The second night we were there they even had a free wine and cheese happy hour in the lobby with the general manager for all the guests!

covent garden market london

Covent Garden Market


radisson blu mercer street london

Small, very normal looking chair in the lobby when checking in

The lobby and hallways are very eclectic with large chairs, animals and lots and lots of gold and we really liked it.  These elements made it feels more like a unique local hotel than a chain.

radisson blu mercer street london

Some gold sheep, as you would find in most lobbies

radisson blu mercer street london

More hallway art

The hotel also has a small restaurant (Scoff and Banter Bar and Restaurant) that we did not eat at but really enjoyed when we stopped in for a drink one evening.

After checking out the unique lobby and hallways it was time to head to our room on the 4th floor.  This hotel is also a 50K points/night hotel, however we stayed 2 night for that price due to the “Last night free” benefit that comes with the Club Carlson Premier Visa.  We also were upgraded to a business class room due to the Gold status which comes with this card!

radisson blu mercer street london

Our Business class room

Once in the room we found a welcome gift of fruit and bottled water waiting for us on the table as well as a personalized welcome message on the TV.  This room was smaller than our room at the May Fair but plenty of room for the 2 of us.

radisson blu mercer street london

Queen size bed

radisson blu mercer street london

Very nice bathroom

As you can see from the pictures there are lots of velvety beddings…

How do I get there?:  If you are coming from Heathrow Airport I would recommend taking the tube as the cheapest and easiest option.  You will leave the Airport on the Piccadilly line and take this the whole way, and then getting off at either the Leicester Square or Covent Garden stops.  You will have to walk a few blocks from there, but over all this is an easy/cheap way to go.  On a side note, I would also get the Oyster Card for this initial trip if you are planning on using the Tube often on your trip.  The reason for this is that although the Oyster Card cost 5 pounds, it saves money during each trip and it really adds up (each passenger would need one).

Any Restaurant Suggestions? Wildwood Kitchen!  This place is located about 2 blocks away from the entrance to the hotel down Monmouth St. and it is a great Italian restaurant with pasta, pizzas, burgers, ribs etc.  It was a quaint little place with excellent service.  We liked it so much that I actually took the business card so that I would remember it!

Cost for 2 nights: 50K Club Carlson points acquired mainly from 85K points sign up bonus and some manufactured spending.  Total out-of-pocket cost = $15


This was a great little hotel that we enjoyed as much, if not more than the well renowned May Fair Hotel.  Tons of things are in easy walking distance and not many cars come through due to the narrow streets.  At the time we stayed, these hotels were the same price at 50K points per night, but since that time the May Fair has risen to 70K per night while Mercer Street has stayed the same at 50K.  Due to this difference in points I would certainly favor staying here at Mercer Street, and would be more than happy to do so on our next trip to London.  Highly Recommend

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