Hotel Review: Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park

Hotel Review: Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park

In the past month I’ve taken two separate business trips to NYC. I’ve learned a lot about the city, having only previously been there on a few 1-2 day trips.

While in the city (over both trips), I had the opportunity to stay at three different hotels:

In descending order, my favorites looked a little something like this:

  1. New York Marriott Marquis (Times Square)
  2. Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park
  3. Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Times Square

I didn’t get any photos for a review of the TS RI, but I’ve got some for the other two. First up, Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park!


View from my room on the 62nd floor!

What many people might not know, is that the Residence Inn (and connecting Courtyard) is the highest hotel property in North America! That definitely explained the awesome views from my room!

I used the Marriott Mobile App to check in from my phone upon landing at LGA. I was able to check in about four hours early and got a high-floor room with beautiful views of the city!


The rooms of the hotel start on the 37th floor while the lobby is on the first floor. I was fortunate enough to get a room almost all the way at the top on the 62nd floor (of 65)!

The Courtyard New York Manhattan/Central Park is actually attached to the RI and they share a lobby and some of the common areas.

While I don’t usually eat much in that area of NYC and try to go into the different parts of the city away from the touristy area, I did find myself eating pizza a few times right below the hotel. 99 Cents Fresh Pizza was delicious and a ridiculous value for the city!


The room had more than enough space considering it was just me, but overall the room was pretty small (although it seems like a good size for NYC!). The bathroom and closet  (in between the bed and the bathroom) were both really small, but worked just fine for a 3 day trip where I was gone most of the time anyway.




Residence Inns in NYC are an interesting concept. Space is at such a premium in the city(especially in certain parts of the city), and usually RI rooms are a little bigger to accommodate the kitchen/kitchenette. This hotel did its best to give the guests a kitchen experience in such a small space, but it was a little tight!



The bed was very soft, and you could see city views from it, so I definitely can’t complain about that!


The hotel had a pretty great location for a short NYC trip (54th and broadway). It’s only a few short blocks south of Central Park and just on the north side of Times Square.

The (free) breakfast spread on the 3rd floor was great, and there was a big area over looking the street to sit at.

The biggest downside of the hotel for me was the very narrow hallways and the lack of much of a lobby. You just walk in off the street to a desk and then into the elevator – a stark contrast to my stay the next week at the HUGE Marriott Marquis.


With all this said, the Residence Inn is absolutely a hotel I would stay in again in NYC. It boasts some ridiculous views of Midtown Manhattan, and with the little kitchenette and free breakfast, it’s a must for any decent length stay!

Stay tuned. Next up, Marriott Marquis Times Square!

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  1. Thanks for the review, very well written. I am debating staying at the Marriott Marquis and Residence Inn Manhattan/Central Park. I’m looking forward to reading the review of the Marquis.

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