Hotel Review: The May Fair Hotel, London

Hotel Review: The May Fair Hotel, London

This past spring Katie and I took a 10 day trip to London and Paris.  We flew over on United and Lufthansa for a total of 60K United miles and $83,  mostly on points that Katie earned from her Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card bonus.  Once we arrived in London we made our way to our first hotel of the trip, The May Fair Hotel!

Our Trip so far:

may fair london

The front of the May Fair

The May Fair is the flagship hotel of the Club Carlson Hotel chain (most have heard of the one hotel brand, Radisson).  This hotel is in the Mayfair district of London which is a very affluent  area with many high end stores like Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Prada, etc.  Even better than that, it is 1 block from the Green Park tube station and easy walking distance to Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Buckingham Palace!


may fair london

Yay! Buckingham Palace!

This hotel usually runs $500-$600/night which is nothing that I would be interested in paying normally but with Club Carlson points it was a no brainer.  When we booked this hotel it was 50K points per night, but with the Club Carlson Premier Reward Visa your last night of every stay is free, making this 50K for 2 nights!

The great thing about this card is that you not only getting 85K points after $2,500 spent in 3 months, but you also have the ability to get the last night free of any award stay while you hold the card!  Because of this we ended up staying for 2 nights at 2 different hotels in London, getting the second night free each time!

So, on to the May Fair!  This hotel was a lot fancier than Katie and I were prepared for.  We had just traveled about 14 hours to get here and when we entered the very posh lobby there were people in fancy dresses and suits everywhere while we were wearing the clothes we started our travel in the day before.  But that’s OK, it’s vacation!  When checking in, the woman at the desk could not have been more helpful and there were free refreshments and snacks to try.

Once up to our room we found a spacious room with a King bed, a dresser, a table and chairs as well as a large bathroom.

may fair london

The room

Now while this was not the biggest room I have ever stayed in by any stretch, this was a very good size for Europe and especially London where rooms are no where near the size of the USA.

may fair london

Steps to the bathroom

Another plus for this hotel is the fact that there is a grocery store directly across the street where we bought snacks, drinks and alcohol, making the stay even more reasonable.

may fair london

The bathroom

How Do I get there: The best way to get here from Heathrow Airport is on the Tube (subway).  You will get on the Piccadilly line and take it to the Green Park stop, exiting on the north side of the street.  From there it is an easy 2 block walk!  If you are going to be taking the Tube a lot you should get an Oyster Card before this to save money during your stay.

Where to eat: This restaurant isn’t near the May Fair Hotel, but Village East of Bermondsey is a great place to go for dinner or a drink!  We walked there after getting engaged at the Tower Bridge on the south side of the river to celebrate.  I thought the food was good, the atmosphere was cozy, unique and interesting (as it seemed to be converted from a post office), and the service was TOP NOTCH.

Cost for 2 nights: 50K Club Carlson points, acquired via sign up bonus and some manufactured spending.  Out of pocket = $15


While this was a very fancy hotel where you are treated a little like a “high roller” and I would have never been able to afford without points, I’m not sure it is the best choice in London anymore when using Club Carlson points.  When we booked this hotel it was the top category of award hotel and cost 50K points.  However, since that time it has risen in price to 70K per night.  While it still has great value in terms of $/pt, as you will see in the next hotel post, there are other hotels I would rather stay in for 50K Club Carlson points that I think are just as good or better for my needs.

That being said, this hotel has a great, great, great location and is really very nice.  If the value were right we would certainly stay here again! Recommend


Coming up next…

After 2 days of seeing London (and an engagement) we move on to our next hotel, The Radisson Blu Edwardian, Mercer Street!

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