I’m Joe and I currently live with my wife (Jaime) in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m a Marine reservist now, but I was previously active duty stationed in North Carolina.  Just like my big brother, I LOVE to travel. I have been to more than 40 states and around 20 countries (between work and leisure).  My love for travel started when I was young and our parents constantly took us on vacations to wonderful places all around the U.S. and the Caribbean. My love for points and miles stemmed from our father. He was always really into it when we were young, and we ragged on him for being nerdy and thought it didn’t matter. How wrong were we?? Fast forward 10 years or so to when Kevin and I began our travels together with a trip to Peru after my college graduation in May of 2012. It’s all history from there.

The weekend Jaime and I got engaged!

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