Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club SFO

Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club SFO

When we landed in SFO, Kev and I didn’t feel real well. It might have been because of us traveling all over the place for 5 straight days or the 2 bottles of champagne and the multiple glasses of Johnny Walker Blue.

We landed on time and headed straight for the Global Entry kiosks. This was mine and Kev’s first time using Global Entry and I can’t stress enough how crucial it is. The non-American line had to be a good 2 hours long (going significantly down the hallway in International G). The American line was still AT LEAST over an hour, if not significantly more. With GE, we went straight to the kiosks, swiped our passport and answered a few questions and we were off! Maybe 1 minute. Pretty freaking awesome.

Breezing through, we then went to baggage claim and probably had to wait around 10-15 minutes for our bags to come out. Had we not had bags, we probably could have gone from the aircraft door to our cars in less than 15 minutes. That’s unreal.

We grabbed our bags and took the train over to Terminal 2 for our Virgin America flight to Vegas! We thought about going over to the American Express Centurion Lounge in Terminal 3, but decided it wasn’t worth going through security twice (at the terminals don’t connect airside).

After a quick check-in at the Virgin America desks, we were through security (with TSA-PreCheck of course) and to the AA Admirals Club!


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve done the majority of the flying in my young life on US Air – for better or for worse. I’m only starting to get acquainted with Admirals Clubs – and by Admirals Clubs, I mean the actual ACs not the old US Air lounges that have been rebranded.


Upon entering the AC in SFO I was taken aback. It was so nice!


We walked in, had our cards swiped and went to grab some comfy chairs. Then it hit us. With all this traveling and not even knowing what day it was (or what timezone that we were in), we had forgotten that the NCAA tournament games had already started for the day. Naturally, we reversed course and headed straight to the bar!


Kevin claims to be a doctor. However, he couldn’t give me a single good medical reason for our sicknesses. Not wanting to be sick AND sober, I decided to get a beer, or maybe two three. We sat down at the bar for about an hour and a half watching basketball before we headed out to our gate.

But back to the lounge. It was a very good size and boasted some pretty good tarmac views, actually letting you see the big boy planes leaving from Terminal G as well.


View of the front door from the inside. Reception desk is to the left.

I apologize for not getting the closeup shots of the food and drinks that everyone likes. Since I was hungover as hell sick, I didn’t even really go near the food, although Kev did bring me and him a delicious Admirals Club cookie or two.

Did I mention the lounge has tons of seating? Because it does. It also has some showers, which would have been useful if we brought clothes to change into…



Sorry it’s so dark. It was such a bright, sunny day that it was tough to get some good pictures!

It’s hard to tell from the picture above but in the center of the lounge is a beautiful title floor with a tree in the center.  That tree, the fireplace to the right of it, the open layout and the big windows over looking the arriving and departing planes just made this a really beautiful lounge.  I really just don’t even think my crappy pictures do this lounge justice, and I would get to the lounge early to spend some time here – the true test of a lounge – pass!

This is the best domestic US Lounge I’ve ever been to. Now, I haven’t been to a ton of ’em, but that should tell you how nice this lounge was. I could make the argument that the Centurion Lounge in Vegas is better, but honestly on a beautiful SFO day with those windows going along the entire side and college basketball on all the TV’s, I couldn’t ask for a better experience!  Kev has actually been to several Admiral Clubs (8 or 9) and says this is probably his favorite now.

Next up – Kevin and I lose our Virgin America Virginity!

2 Comments on “Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club SFO

  1. The American/US Citizen line at SFO has never taken me more than 10 minutes. Not sure what was going on there. If picking-up my First Class checked bag, I’m usually waiting at least 10 minutes as well. I generally take a shower and simply put the same clothes on that I started with 🙂

  2. @Bill,
    Thanks for the comment! Yeah I’m not sure what was going on. Both times I’ve flown into SFO internationally, the US Citizen line was out of control, but it was even worse this time. And next time, I’m definitely taking advantage of those AC showers!

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