Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club St. Louis ( STL )

admiral club stl american airlines

Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club St. Louis ( STL )

So this is a review I have been meaning to write for a long time and the pictures below are from several different visits.  STL has been my semi-home airport for the last couple years because it is the closet major airport to where I live right now.  Because of that, I have been to this Admirals Club way more than any other (MIA and ORD are probably next).

admiral club stl american airlinesSt. Louis airport is divided into 2 separate terminals with Southwest being in Terminal 2 pretty much by itself and all the other airlines in Terminal 1.  So if you are flying Southwest you are no where near this lounge.

The Admirals Club is located in Terminal 1 right after you go through security on the left before you even get to any of the gates.  When you enter the lounge there are stairs directly in front of you and an elevator to your right which will take you up to the lounge level and check-in.

stl american airlines admiral club

As you enter

Once you go up one level there is an area with tarmac views on your left with several chairs and a couple desks with computers if you would like to do your work and look out the window.  On your right as you exit the elevator are the check-in desks with the lounge agents who have always been very very nice each time I have visited.

As you are facing the check-in there are cubicle-espue work stations on your left where I have actually sat before to get some work done before a trip.  As you begin to walk further into the lounge there is a small seating area with snacks, coffee, and drinks surrounding a large screen TV with more seating to the left and a dining/bar area further ahead.

stl admiral club lounge american airlines

Main seating area with TV and snack on right and bar/dining in front

stl lounge admiral club american airlines

Snacks and TV

stl lounge american airlines admirals club


Just to the right of the first seats in the lounge area is the bathroom and a screen of American Airlines departures/arrivals.

stl bathroom lounge admirals club american airlines stl

Nice, clean bathroom

stl american airlines admirals club lounge


Just past this initial lounge area is the dining and bar area with a nice bar and several small tables where you can order food and get free drinks.  Sometimes they also have some soup and other small snack set up at this end.  There are two TV’s in this area which makes it good for watching sports.

stl american airlines lounge admirals club

Looking back at check in and windows of tarmac

stl lounge american airlines admirals club

Three different small lounge areas

stl lounge american airlines admirals club

Dining Area/Bar

stl lounge american airlines admirals club

More snacks and soup in dining area

Also, there are several Galaxy Tablets set up around the lounge that you can use to surf the internet with.  I have seen these in a few other Admirals Clubs as well.

stl lounge american airlines admirals club tablet

Galaxy Tablet

In conclusion, there is nothing really special about this Admirals Club but it is a brand new lounge as it was recently rebuilt and it is a nice little oasis away from the rest of the airport.  It is small but seems to be an appropriate size for this airport as it never feels very crowded.  In about 2 weeks I will be here again before catching my flight to Bmore for my wedding!!

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