Lounge Review: JAL First Class Lounge NRT

Lounge Review: JAL First Class Lounge NRT

Lounge Review: Japan Airlines (JAL) First Class Lounge NRT, Terminal 2 Satellite

After a fantastic day seeing as much of Tokyo as we could, we arrived at Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) and proceeded to the ticket counter. Being that most of the regional flights are only 2-cabin planes (business class and economy), the business class line at the check-in counters was about 10 deep or so. Luckily, there were about 8 wonderful agents checking everyone in and the process went fairly quickly.

However, at NRT, there’s no expedited security for business class passengers (at least on JAL). There is what looks to be a very nice first class security room passengers were going through, but we had to slum it with everyone else and wait in line. Fortunately for us there were about 50 middle school girls all together getting on a flight to Boston that were in front of us….joy!

After only about 15-20 minutes we were through security and on our way to the JAL Lounge!

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Lounge Entrance!

Lounge Entrance!

We found the lounge pretty quickly and it was only just down the terminal a bit from our gate.  There are two First Class Japan Airlines Lounges in the Terminal 2 with one being in the Main terminal and this lounge that we visited being located in the Satellite.  Seeing as we came in the same morning, albeit from a different airport, on JAL First Class, we were able to enter the first class section of the lounge!



We checked in with the ladies at the front desk and presented both boarding passes. They gave us the great news about going to the first class lounge and we continued straight into it.

IMG_2492The First Class section is on the top floor, while the Business Class lounge (Sakura Lounge) is on the bottom floor down the stairs. Upon facing to your right from the check in desk, you pass the sign on the wall above and walk down the hallway you see below. It is a beautiful lounge!



Baggage storage area immediately to your left when you walk in.

As you continue walking down the hallway there are chairs, loungers and tables on your left, and the open bar on your right.


Champagne, wine, coffee, sodas, etc.


Small finger foods to the left of the champagne.

Kevin and I snagged some champagne and headed down to some of the loungers at the left corner on the lounge. These were the best seats in the lounge and they went quickly. They boasted some pretty cool tarmac views on this overcast Japanese evening.



Kevin enjoying the loungers!


The area immediately behind us was nice with small tables and comfortable chairs. Very quiet and secluded areas. (Going from left to right in the 3 pictures below – the wall on the left side of the first one is the outer wall).




It’s important to note that talking on cell phones is NOT ALLOWED in the lounge. Period! There are small signs all over the lounge and people absolutely abide by it. Sometimes I wish more US lounges did this…

Stairs that apparently used to connect the two lounges. Now blocked off by a couch and clear glass.

Stairs that apparently used to connect the two lounges. Now blocked off by a couch and clear glass.

After a few minutes of drinking champagne and watching the planes, we left our comfortable loungers and headed to the restaurant area of the lounge to get some dinner!


Dinner table area

Sorry I didn’t get many photos of the food! It was a little crowded and I felt weird enough as it was attempting to get pictures!




More food



japan airlines first class lounge dinner narita nrt

Dinner Time!

Before dinner, Kev had inquired about getting a massage. They said they were all full for the day – they end at 6 p.m. – rats! Right as we were sitting down for dinner, the massage desk agent found Kev and told him they actually do have one spot for 5:45 p.m.! Kevin didn’t seem super interested, and told her we’d pass, but obviously I stopped her and said, “I’ll take it!”.

She took my boarding pass and came back about 3 minutes later with the massage pass!

Massage pass!

Massage pass!

At 5:44 I walked the 50 steps to the massage section of the lounge and a gentleman (I didn’t catch his name) showed me to my massage room and gave a pretty good 10 minute massage. I could have stayed in there for hours, but it was great after a long day of traveling and more still to come!


Up the main hallway from the back (towards the entrance)


Towards the back of the lounge. Our loungers we were on run along the window on the left side!

Overall, this was arguably the nicest lounge we went to on the trip. It had pretty good food options, great relaxing areas, views, and a massage area. I could spend some serious time with a layover in NRT!

After about an hour and a half or so we left the lounge to catch our flight to Seoul!

Up next is a review of our JAL Business Class flight from NRT-ICN!

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