My Starbucks Rewards


My Starbucks Rewards

As many of you know, Starbucks, like many other companies has a loyalty rewards program called My Starbucks Rewards.  It is easy to sign up for this program simply by obtaining a Starbucks gift card with any amount of money on it and then registering it online.

When registered you will earn 1 star for each purchase with this card, no matter the cost (1 star for an espresso shot or 10 coffees in a single purchase).

starbucks my rewards

Once you register you are at the Welcome Level which entitles you to:

  • A free birthday drink
  • A birthday coupon for 15% off an online purchase

Once you have collected 5 stars in a 12 month period you are then Green Level:

  • Benefits listed above
  • Free in-store refills on hot or cold coffee or tea

Once you have collected 30 stars in a 12 month period you are then Gold level:

  • Benefits listed above
  • Personalized Gold Card
  • A free food or drink item (any price) after each additional 12 stars

You will keep Gold Level for 12 months from the time you earned it and will continue to keep it as long as you make 30 purchases again during that 12 month period.

So, even if you almost never go to Starbucks it is worth it to sign up for this program, at the very minimum for the free drink (of any price) on your birthday each year!  If you do go to Starbucks regularly you can earn Gold with less than 3 purchases a month.


To make life even easier you can also download the Starbucks app to track your stars, reload your gift card and pay for your purchases.

starbucks App

Starbucks App

You can see Targeted offers through your email and the app which can give you accelerators to gain stars even faster and stars can also be obtained from some Starbucks items in grocery stores that contain codes which can be loaded online.

I just wanted to write this intro for those who were unaware of how this rewards program worked and try to get everyone a free treat on their birthday!

Later this week we will delve more into the functions of the app as well as introduce a tip to gain stars quickly and on the cheap, so stay tuned.

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