Oh, the places you’ll go…

Oh, the places you’ll go…

A new member set to join the Points, MD family!

As many of you may have noticed, the website has been pretty quiet over the last 6 weeks.  The reason is that there has been some big life changes for both of us in the last 2 months.  Joe is getting use to a new job that he really likes but which has been very time consuming as well as moving to FL and I have been taking on more responsibility in my job as I move up the ranks.  However, the most exciting life change is that there is going to be a new addition to the Points, MD family!

Baby pointsmd

We will be welcoming a new baby boy or girl into our lives in January 2017 and we are really excited to share the wonderful news with everyone!

We actually learned that my wife was pregnant right before our last trip to Greece in May and used that opportunity to take some announcement pictures with the Flytographer photographer we had already booked for our special 1 year anniversary trip!

flytographer free code $25

This is the second big event in our lives that Flytographer has been able to capture for us!  I talked about the first one HERE.  If you want to try them out use this link here and maybe the code: #FLYFAN (not sure if you need the code) to get $25 off your next shoot! (and we will get $25 for our next shoot with the baby!!)

We are so excited to show this little one the world and add another Orioles and Ravens fan to the population!


So life is certainly changing.  It will be scary and exciting and we can’t wait for this next step in our lives!  I’m sure the amount of time I spend reading family travel posts will increase after January and you guys might start seeing some here as well!

So who has name ideas!?!

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  1. Congrats! Prepare to enter the family travel world… Where nothing is ever the same again (but that’s a good thing) 🙂

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