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Joe and I (Kevin) are originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland where we grew up with our brother Chris.  Our parents made a point to expose us to different areas, foods and cultures because they wanted us to know about the country and world in which we live.  Therefore, every year we would go on at least 1 trip to somewhere new in the country (usually inspired by a Major League Baseball stadium since we love baseball) we had not yet seen.  This engendered a love of travel that has inspired all 3 of us to travel the world!

Until a few years ago Joe and I knew about points and miles and had used them but did not realize the power that these devices had until our father, who had been very interested in miles for years, pushed us to further delve into the hobby.  Once we broke the surface of what points and miles could do, we were hooked!  Now we want to continue what Dad started and share what we have learned.  And if he is lucky, maybe we will let him write a guest post or 2…

Joe and I share an obsession with miles, points and travel, and have had several adventures together around the world.  We can’t wait to help others and share our experiences!

Email us at PointsMD2014@gmail.com

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    • Yep, I (Kevin) am an MD and currently about half way through my residency in Vascular Surgery. Otherwise I would be writing and traveling even more!

  1. Very cool website. I can’t wait to share with friends and family. Thanks you for the brainpower, you make it easy for the rest of us!

  2. Hi guys! I was your hair cutter when you were young, and continue to be your family’s hair stylist to this day. Your parents have enlightened me about your blog, now I am going to study your practices. I look forward to seeing the globe in the near future. Keep up the good work. I am proud of all three of you!

  3. I’m visiting Siem Reap with a friend in late May. We’re then going to Vietnam for a few weeks. Your wonderful travel story is a great help, particularly the 5 must-see Temples. We will only have two days to sightsee and shop, wine and dine, and your advice will make it possible to see the best.

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