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  1. Whats up Joe, awesome website so far!

    Do you guys recommend a single website for booking flights? Or do you shop around a number of websites to find the best price? Or do you just go straight to the airline website?

    Thanks buddy.

    • The first website we usually go to when looking at airfare is ITA Matrix. This site will not allow you to buy airfare but will show you what the best prices are on that route currently. It is also helpful if you are flexible in you departing/arriving airports as it allows you to add several airports to a given search. In the final price screen it gives break downs of cost in fare, tax, fuel surcharges, etc which can sometimes be important when looking at flights. We would certainly recommend messing around with this site and becoming familiar with it as it has many great functions. After this we usually look at a combination of Kayak and Orbitz, already knowing what a price should be for a given itinerary, which we can re-create. Different sites seems to find different fare buckets and we have even found that the airlines actual sites sometimes gives the worst deal. Finally, if you are seaching the same flight over and over it would be a good idea to do this in an “incognito mode” on your Chrome or other browsers. There has been numerous reports of prices rising for users who do frequents searches on the same flight. They know you want that ticket! There is another product by Google in a testing phase that could be an exciting game changer when it comes to booking tickets that we may post on when we learn more about it as well.

  2. I like your guys website a lot so far but I follow all my websites in Feedly/BlogLovin and your feed has the annoying “read more” so we have to click over to the site every single time. I’d look into changing that setting, a lot of people don’t like to have to do that and as a result read less!

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