Quick Trip to Germany the Long Way – What can I review?

Quick Trip to Germany the Long Way – What can I review?

I’m on my way to Hamburg, Germany for a quick Marine Corps trip. Just attending a conference, get to stay in a hotel, try a new city on for size, etc. Fun, right?

Well, for those of you unfamiliar with military, they always have a way to make something suck. The military, and really the government in general, has an uncanny ability to make something less fun with little effort. Take the Marine Corps rifle range, for instance. In theory, going with your buddies to shoot stuff all day long sounds like fun, yeah? Ask any Marine you know if they’re excited to go back to the range – I’m sure you’ll get a completely unprovoked gripe regarding how much they’re loathing it.

Anyway, while this isn’t a massive deal in the long run, they’ve again found a way to take something enjoyable and minimize joy – level PRO.

I’m traveling from Jacksonville, FL to Hamburg, Germany – not real difficult routing – probably two stops, 15-hour or so routing. Well, the travel office that books my routing decided I haven’t been to Texas nearly enough – I mean they’re not wrong – I need to see more of it. They also probably realized I’ve never transited IAH (or any Houston airport), so they’re just looking out to me to keep me well-rounded in this hobby. I should thank them.

Because they were looking out of me, they’ve given me an 8.5 hour layover, in the opposite direction of Germany, at IAH! While some poor souls only get to travel for 12-16 hours en route to Hamburg, I’m taking the scenic route through the Lonestar State for a whopping 24.5 hour journey!

I guess there are worse places to have a massive layover in – at least IAH has a Centurion Lounge and I get to cross another one off the list (already have reviews of Vegas, LGA, DFW and Miami)!

American Express Centurion Lounge IAH

Sneak Peak – beautiful lounge – not real big though.

Okay let’s get to it. I want to review a few things on this quick trip, and this is what I’m thinking:

  • Centurion Lounge – IAH (No brainer)
  • The Westin Hamburg
  • Quick pictures (and captions) only post from Hamburg
  • Any other ideas?

Unfortunately, I won’t have access to any airside lounges in Frankfurt – at least in Terminal 1, so I’ll probably just grab a schnitzel and a hefeweizen and call it a morning while I wait for the flight to Hamburg.

Centurion Lounge review is up next!

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