Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards coding as Department store purchase!

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Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards coding as Department store purchase!

Now this might not be really helpful to a lot of people as I don’t know of many Department Store bonuses but could be helpful for some targeted bonuses like I got from Citi for my AA Platinum card.

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Over the last year I have received several targeted bonuses for this card in the mail and some have been useful and some have not.  The latest one offered 3X points (up to 2500 bonus points) for purchases at Clothing stores, Department Stores, Computer Stores and Toy Stores.  The department store aspect of this made me curious.

citi aa bonus

aa citi bonus miles

I usually buy my gift cards at Simon Mall because of their low fee of $3.95 per $500 card and have been buying two of these a month with my Citi AA Plat because of a retention offer I have which gives me an extra 1K AA points each month I spend $1K.  So 2K AA miles for $1K in spend each month.  Since I was going to do that anyway, why not activate the bonus offer and see what happens right?

citi aa miles bonus card

And it turns out that the Citi AA Platinum Mastercard does code as a department store when buying Simon Visa Gift Cards at Simon Malls!  I spent just over $1K on 2 VGCs and received 4,000 AA miles on my statement!

As I said before, this might not be the case for other cards and there are not many departments store bonuses, but if you get these targeted offer like I do this can be an easy AA mile boost!

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    • I was just thinking the exact same thing earlier today after reading a post over on Chasing the Points. I am going to give it a shot this weekend and see if I get the 5X bonus category. Will let you know.

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