Star Wars Marathon on your next Emirates flight!!

Star Wars Marathon on your next Emirates flight!!

Emirates airlines is known to have a very good entertainment system (named ICE) on their flights. It already has a wide array of TV and movies, but that selection just got EVEN BETTER!

Yesterday, Emirates Airlines announced that starting January 1, 2016, they will have Star Wars episodes 1-6 on their ICE Entertainment system!!

As someone who loves Star Wars and is eagerly awaiting the new movie release of Episode 7 (The Force Awakens) this is awesome news!

star wars emirates

They have a nice preview video of the new offer on their site if you click HERE! Pretty cool little montage actually.

But that’s not all – it gets better!  They are also planning to offer the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, on ICE in “early 2016!”  Now I’m not really sure what early 2016 means but I imagine it has to be the in the first half of the year at least, which is much sooner than I thought it would be seen on an airline entertainment system.

StarWars ICE emirates

With as many long haul flights as Emirates has to and from Dubai, especially from the US, this would be a great excuse to have a nice Star Wars marathon and catch up on some old favorites.

I will be flying Emirates next spring and will definitely be having a mini marathon on at least 1 of my 2 long haul flights!!

Who else is excited about this?!

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