Sydney-Melbourne: Jetstar Airways

Jetstar A330-200

Sydney-Melbourne: Jetstar Airways

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Following our first few days in Sydney, we made our way down to Melbourne! We had a few options to get there and narrowed it down to a quick flight or a rental car. With no inclination or time to drive 9+ hours, we went with the quick 1 1/2 hour flight.

Jetstar airways is the low-cost carrier wholly-owned by Qantas. They have a mixed fleet heavily dependent on A320s, but also offer A321 and B787 Dreamliner service to Melbourne from Sydney. Qantas also has stakes in the Jetstar Airways throughout Asia (Jetstar Asia Airways, Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Honk Kong, etc.).

Jetstar airplanes

The Fleet!

Jetstar 787

Jetstar’s Newest/Nicest Plane, B787!

The route, Sydney-Melbourne is primarily done with an A320 aircraft. However, oddly enough, we were in an A330. This aircraft is a wide-body aircraft that is significantly larger than the A320 and is usually used for international service, but I believe it was some type of last minute aircraft switch because the entire business class section was empty (the normal A320 service does not have a business class – economy only).

Jetstar A330-200

Our Chariot to Melbourne, Jetstar A330-200

Unfortunately, with the idea of a website no where near my mind, I didn’t get any pictures on the flight. You didn’t miss much!

We landed safely at Tullamarine (Melbourne) and we were ready for the next and best part of our adventure!

Costs: The flight wasn’t very expensive, only about $140 roundtrip. Want to accumulate and use Jetstar Airways Jetstar Dollars? They have credit cards (but sorry, you’ve gotta be Australian)! However, their rewards program sucks isn’t great. Anyway, you couldn’t beat the price (over $100 less than the next cheapest flight on Qantas). Because of that and the good service on this quick flight I would absolutely recommend taking Jetstar for your next domestic Australian flight!

Coming up next: Wallabies and Penguins in Melbourne!

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