Thanks Again Loyalty Program

Thanks Again Loyalty Program

There’s a great rewards program that few people know about – the Thanks Again Loyalty Program!

This is a program that, by registering your credit card(s) (or debit if you’re so inclined), allows you to earn airline miles or hotel points for buying food, merchandise, or even paying for parking. This is in addition to the points you would already earn if you by using your card of choice!

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Came to BWI back on July 1st!

 They have locations at over 100 airports all around the country. However, this program isn’t limited only to airport stores/restaurants! There are 3 categories:

– At the airport

– At Neighborhood Businesses

– At Local Attractions

Each store (most of them seem to be spas and dry cleaners) have their own stipulations on how to earn points, and not all of them are completely straightforward. For instance, some of them require you to buy a gift card online and use it to get the points. If you’re going to use that business anyway, it’s very much worth it.

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It is extremely simple to sign up for as it took me about 2 minutes or so. During the sign up, you pick the program you want to use:

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I would aim for a rewards program where you get the most out of the points/miles. I personally chose the American miles option, as that will be my new airline of choice once they officially combine with U.S. Airways.

All the earning partner options

All the earning partner options

After you register, you’ll have an account on the site and can see your mileage balance.

Quick sign-up that is absolutely worth it! When you sign up you get 100 bonus miles (as I chose AA)!

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Quick Synopsis: 

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