Transfer to Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

Transfer to Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island Transfer

After finally landing in Phuket, Thailand we were VERY glad to be off planes for a little while but there was still some traveling to be done.

We were only going to have 3 nights in Thailand and I had my heart set on seeing the Phi Phi islands while we were there so I decided the best way to do that was to stay on Koh Phi Phi Don at the Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island!

Here is the trip so far!

The Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island is one of the nicer places on the island and is not cheap with the rooms starting around $300 a night in the high season. But we used IHG points that we got from the IHG credit card plus $75 (points plus cash) for our two nights stay (more on this resort in the next post).

After having the rooms booked, the next thing I need to figure out was how I was going to get us to the island. As you can see below, the islands are in the middle of the Andaman Sea and at least an hour speed boat ride from the main land.

thailand cambodia

Map of Thailand and Cambodia with Phuket in lower left

phuket koh phi phi

Zoomed in map of Phuket and Koh Phi Phi islands

The trick was getting us there as fast as possible (since we only had two nights) for as cheap as possible. It would be crazy to pay $75 for two nights and $800 to take a boat there and back! But it would also be crazy to take half a day to get there and half a day back for super cheap when we had such limited time.

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Katie getting into our transport at Phuket airport

After search online I found list of transfer option from the Holiday Inn which has luckily now been updated, because it didn’t even include the option I ended up picking! I found out about this option from emailing the hotel and asking.  With that being said, the price I was given was still different than the one now online.

It turns out there were 3 main options.
#1 Public Ferry- this was the most inexpensive option but also the longest and least convenient.  For Airport pickup and drop off at Phuket Rassda Pier for the public ferry would be 2,000 THB ($57) for 2 people.

There were 2 problems with this route for us.  First, from what I had read, it would take about 3 hours to get there.  Second, we couldn’t catch the 8:30am ferry so we would have had to wait until 1:30pm….so, this option although cheap, was not going to work.

#2 Private Speed Boat- The second option was a private speed boat for up to 6 people.  This also included transfer from the airport to the pier and could be scheduled for whenever we needed it BUT it was 15,500 THB ($440)!  Now if there were 6 of us then it would be reasonable, but with 2 people it was crazy!  With this option the boat ride was 1 hour.

#3 Shared Speed Boat-  Finally, the option that I did not see online at first was a shared and scheduled speed boat.  With this option you are again transferred from the airport to the pier and there are 2 departures a day.  The first was 11:30am which still meant we had to wait a little while at the marina, but this would get us there in 1 hour and was MUCH cheaper than the private boat!  This option costed 4,200 THB ($120) for 2 people.

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Email from Holiday Inn regarding transport options

Upon arriving at the Phuket airport and walking outside there were people with signs EVERYWHERE.  I told Katie to stay with our bags and then I walked around looking for one with our names, which I eventually found.  The Holiday Inn representative (in conjunction with another company) quickly loaded us in a car and we were off to the Marina.

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Now I knew we had about 2-3 hours to wait until our speed boat so I was hoping there would at least be a bench or something that I could sit on to read my book as I didn’t know what “Marina” really constituted in Thailand.  As it turns out (which I should have realized from the Yacht Show signs on the way) the marina was really really nice and had shops and a restaurant to occupy us during our wait.  It might have been 10am, but it was a nice spot for our first drinks in Thailand!

Transfer to Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

Company that the Holiday Inn works with

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Yacht Show started right after we left!

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Area around Marina

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands


holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands


Transfer to Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

First drinks in Thailand!

The speed boat had 4 rows of cushioned bench seats with an aisle in the center.  All our luggage was loaded by the crew as well as unloaded and brought to the check-in and then our rooms when we arrived.  There was only a family of 4 with us on the way over so there was actually plenty of room.

It ended up taking a little over an hour to get to the island after the boat left and don’t be thrown off when you have to get on a little cart pulled by a tractor when you get there!  The resort is just over the ridge and you will only be on it for a few minutes!

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Shared Speed boat in front of Holiday Inn Phi Phi Islands

We took this same transfer back which left at 2pm right from the beach in front of the resort!  It was even smoother and faster heading back.  They then dropped us at our hotel in Phuket in another van.

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

Return transport van to hotel in Phuket

Overall, this was by far the best option for us as it got us to the hotel much much quicker than the public ferry and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  As I was searching, I found other companies which made the same trip but found it to be about the same price or higher.  It also probably wouldn’t have been as organized with our luggage and other transport as most of them drop you at a pier on Koh Phi Phi Don instead of the norther jetty right next to the resort.  If we had been in Thailand for a couple weeks I would have probably taken a taxi to the pier and then the public ferry which would probably been even cheaper than the price quoted by Holiday Inn, but the shared speed boat was really perfect for our needs.  Next up, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island!

holiday inn transport koh phi phi islands

14 Comments on “Transfer to Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

  1. Kevin, this trip report is awesome. I would love to visit Thailand for a week or so. I have AA/United miles, and SPG/IHG/Hyatt points. May I ask if you have any recommendations for us? Thanks.

    • Nguyen,

      We’d love to help you figure something out or give recommendations based on points available. Shoot us a note with some information ( and we’ll get back to you!

  2. Hey can you advise the allowance for luggage allowance on the speed boats from phuket to holiday Inn directly. We are carrying 2 heavy suitcases and hand luggage but have already booked the hotel. I have emailed the hotel but have not heard anything from them yet.

    • When we went we had one HUGE suitcase and a regular large suitcase as well as 2 smaller bookbag size bags and they were all allowed on with no issue.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Your trip details and experience are most helpful. My family (2 adults + 1 child) is heading to Holiday Inn Phi Phi on April 11th for a couple days. Would you by any chance know the cost for a child on the shared speedboat? I communicated with Holiday Inn but they reverted with only the THB 4200 for 2 adults one way. Not sure if kids under 6 years ride free or if the same charges apply as an adult. Appreciate if you could share some info if available. Also, if you took the local long tail boats to bamboo island, maya bay and monkey island, I would greatly appreciate some costing. We have been advised to do some serious negotiating with the boat operators but a price point would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Hey Mohit,
      In terms of the transport I am not sure what the child price is or if they are free under a certain age. We didn’t have any children at the time so I didn’t even pay attention to it. As far as the long tail boat hire, we ended up paying 2400 THB ($68) to go out for 5 hours to Maya Bay and other areas around Koh Phi Phi Ley as well as Monkey Beach. The National Park fee for entering Maya Bay of 200 THB per person ($12 total), so the boat by itself was about $56. The guy we hired paid of park fee when we got to Maya Bay. Hope this helps and gives you an idea of prices. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for the quick revert. The info is very helpful. I’ll try and connect with the speedboat operators directly and also check with the resort once again regarding the charges for a child.

        Thanks again.


    • Do not book woth holiday inn they will rip you off. Best would be to stay on the ferry after is stops off at Tonsai pier first where all the parties happpen. Then usually the ferry goes on to holiday inn and other resorts. If not get off and there are lots of guys offering taxi boats to get over to that side. Alot cheaper than 4000 bhatt. The ferry from phuket to phi phu should not cost you more than 300 bhatt per person one way and you can buy return ticket for more optional. The return is same price. Always negotiate and the more you book the cheaper it is . Speedboat should not cost more than 2500 for your whole family.

      • Well, I wouldn’t say they “rip you off”, you get what you pay for. Some people have a lot of time and if that is that case you can get to the island for dirt cheap if you want. Others want a smooth, expedited process of being picked up at the airport and being placed right on a speedboat to the island that literally drops you off right at the hotel and picks you up right at the hotel. On our trip for example we had a very short window to be there so I was happy to save hours of my life (especially after a long flight) to get there quickly. So it depends what you want. I also saw prices for speedboat which were significantly more than what Holiday Inn charges. To each their own, but you do make a good point that there are lots of other options depending what your wants/needs are.

      • Hi Kir,

        Thanks for your suggestion. I will definitely weigh out all options before making final bookings. Would you by any chance know the names of any of the speed boat operators? I researched online but most of them are priced similar to what holiday inn is offering.


        • Im sorry but I dont know the name. Your best bet is to purchase out here. You got so much competition you can haggle down the price especially for a family of four. Dont book on the net too expensive.

          • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll act accordingly.


  4. Excelent report Kevin. I was worried about how the trip w/ speed boat would be but after reading your report and seeing the boat picture I felt more confortable!

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