Wait, what do you mean the card doesn’t exist?!

Wait, what do you mean the card doesn’t exist?!

Wait, what do you mean the card doesn’t exist?!

Approximately 1 year ago, as I was planning for our trip to Thailand and Cambodia I decided that we should stay at the Holiday Phi Phi Island.  However, I of course didn’t want to actually pay the $350 or so price to stay there each night so it was time to get some IHG points so we could stay there for pretty much free…which is better.

chase ihg credit card vanished bonus disappeared

So Katie applied for the Chase IHG credit card which at the time had a 60K point bonus (so I did need a few more points for the second night) and also comes with IHG platinum status which helped us with some gifts, drinks and an upgrade during our stay.

chase ihg credit card vanished bonus disappeared

Also, unlike a large number of cards that are mainly used for the bonus only and then likely canceled a year later, this card comes with a $49 annual fee each year (after the first year which is free) that comes with a free night certificate at any IHG hotel.  Because of this pretty valuable benefit I was planning on keeping it long term.

chase ihg credit card vanished bonus disappeared

But I realized there was something strange about this card from the start.  We received and activated it just fine.  Easily spent the $1,000 to get the bonus and then realized we needed to add it to her online account with her other cards.  However, when Katie called they couldn’t add it to her online account for some reason.  So after awhile on the phone she paid off the card through the phone agent and decided to fight that battle another day.

Since I was planning on just putting the card in “the box” and not using it any more now that we had the bonus I wasn’t especially concerned at the time.

chase ihg credit card vanished bonus disappeared

About 7-8 months later, in March, I was checking her account for something (don’t recall why) and saw that she was no longer Platinum status which you keep as long as you have the credit card and that she was now Gold.  I thought that was really strange but since we had no stays in the foreseeable future at an IHG hotel I didn’t really care about this error that either IHG or Chase had made.

Fast-forward to last week.  While checking through my credit card records I see that Katie’s annual fee will be coming up in a couple weeks on her IHG credit card so I tell her that she really needs to get it added to her online account so we can pay it.

She calls the next day and texts me that the phone agent said she doesn’t have that card.  When I saw that I assumed something was miscommunicated, so I called myself.  Again, this agent told me there was no such card attached to her social security number or name!  Not only that, but she said that the credit card number on the front of the card does even exist in their system!?!

I didn’t remember canceling it (and I wasn’t planning too) but I asked if the number would show up if we had canceled it and she assured me it would still show up.  Only if the bank canceled it and expunged it due to inactivity for about 2 years would it not show up in their system.

So even now I have no idea what happened and no one at Chase seems to have any idea!  I have the card sitting on the table as we speak so it does in fact exist and we already had a great time with the bonus points haha.

I guess I won’t be getting that $49 night this year…

Has anyone else experienced anything like this??  Any ideas??

2 Comments on “Wait, what do you mean the card doesn’t exist?!

  1. Does it show up in a credit report?

    If you got the bonus points from it, then I’d just apply for it again and get the bonus points again. If you didn’t get the bonus points then I’d argue over it and get them to give you the points.

    My wife and I got that card in April of this year and I made sure that we both got it about the same time. I find that it’s much more useful to have our anniversary dates close so that we get the free night at the same time and it has the same expiration date.

    • We did get the bonus and used it as I said in the post. It also showed up on the credit score (a year ago when we got it). With Chase you need to wait 24 months to get a bonus again. So whether we have the card or not we would need to wait to get the bonus again.

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