Was this the last Airline Shopping Portal to reward Visa gift cards at Staples?

krisflyer spree singapore airlines

Was this the last Airline Shopping Portal to reward Visa gift cards at Staples?

One way that people are able to gain large amounts of Chase Ultimate Rewards points is by using their Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Bold cards at office supply stores where it gives 5X points on all purchases.  Besides normal spending, people will also buy $200 Visa gift cards at Staples and other office supply stores and load them to their BlueBird card or similar device.  By doing this they can then turn them back into cash and pay off the credit card.  Since most cards like Bluebird are limited to $5K of loads a month, you are somewhat limited. But if you can get 5X points you can now generate 25K points a month instead of 5K.  The only way this could be better is if you were able to buy these gift cards online and get another bonus via a Shopping Portal.

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visa gift card staples

Visa Gift Card from Staples

Many portals used to award points for visa gift card purchases at office supply stores but almost all have dried up with many believing the airline mile portals being completely closed down.  However, for the last several months I have been using the Singapore Airlines Shopping portal KrisFlyer Spree to purchase Visa gift cards at Staples using my Ink card!

singapore airlines shopping portal

Singapore Airlines Shopping Portal

Over these months I have been able to get about 6K SQ miles per month with this portal to go along with the points I am already getting from my Ink card. When this was broken down and the Visa Savings Edge discount was added in I was able to get almost 2K SQ miles and 5K UR points per $1000 in Visa gift cards which boiled down to less than $25 for 7K SQ miles (assuming UR are transferred to SQ).

singapore airlines shopping portal staples

Staples Portal

Now I had really debated about whether to tell people about this portal but I feared that I would kill it for myself and possibly anyone else who had been using it.  However, that day has finally come nonetheless.

See, there was a marked difference between the Staples shopping portal on this site compared to Office Depot, Office Max and others. Unlike those other stores and the portals on other airlines it said NOTHING about gift card purchases in the terms. This is what first made me give it a shot and my curiosity paid off. Life was good. Until I went onto the KrisFlyer Spree shopping portal today and noticed something had changed.

singapoare airlines shopping portal

Staples portal with new terms

The magic words have now appeared on the site, “No rewards are given on Gift Card purchases.”

Is it over, just like all the other portals? Probably. But it can’t hurt to try if you are planning on buying these gift cards online anyway. A sad day, but at least I was able to grab a few miles before it was gone. These will certainly help for a fancy flight to Asia next year 🙂

Was anyone else able to take advantage of this while it lasted?


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