What is a year as a Hyatt Diamond Elite worth?

What is a year as a Hyatt Diamond Elite worth?

What is a year of Hyatt Diamond really worth?

Starting this month I am back to being a lowly Hyatt Platinum member, which can be pretty easily obtained via 5 Hyatt stays or simply having the Chase Hyatt Credit Card.  Now don’t get me wrong, some status is better than no status, but the divide between Platinum and Diamond is pretty large.  Since I will be downgrading, I thought it would be interesting to look back at what I gained as a Diamond member and what extra cost went into initially obtaining it.

hyatt diamond status

I gained Hyatt Diamond status in December 2014 and I did so for a specific reason. I was staying at a lot of nice Hyatt properties over the coming 14 months with my honeymoon and trips to Cambodia, Korea and others!

I don’t really travel for work or have a reason to be staying at a Hyatt 25 times a year or 50 nights a year, so in order to obtain this status I was going to have to go out of my way and figure out if the extra time and money would be worth it.  So, after running the numbers, I decided to go for it – and I’m really glad I did.

So what did it cost me and how did I get the Diamond Status?

I decided that the only way I could get Diamond was by trying to get the 25 stays. Some were easy.  We had stays in Miami, Tampa, Honolulu, Chicago, Maryland and another trip or two somewhere that were already planned so those knocked out about 10 stays or so.  But that still left us with 15 stays.

hyatt place waikiki beach honolulu

Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach

For another 5 stays I spent $40K on my Hyatt Credit card.  For the first $20K you spend on the card you get 2 ‘stay credits’ and another 3 ‘stay credits’ for another $20K in spending.  Most of this was done by manufactured spending which was about $8 per $1K for a total of roughly $320.  BUT, that also got me 40K Hyatt points which I value at far far more than $320 so really the stays were kind of a bonus!

So now we are at 15 stays.  The next 7 or so were stays at the Hyatt Place near the St. Louis Airport for early flights home for wedding stuff and other family things.  These were times when we likely would have had to get a hotel near the airport anyway or leave home at 2am to get to the airport, but needing these stays definitely pushed me in the direction of a hotel stay over leaving super early from home.

park hyatt abu dhabi

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Finally, the last 3 stays were really “mattress runs” where I checked into the Hyatt Place BWI, messed up the bed, took the shampoo and left!  Each of these stays cost $80 for a total of $240.

hyatt regency chesapeake bay maryland resort

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay

SO, through a lot of effort and $560 (but really the points I gained which were around 50K, balanced out most, if not all of this cost) I was able to obtain Diamond Status.

Now you have Diamond Status, but what did you get for all this effort??


With Diamond status you get free breakfast, a welcome amenity, access to Regency Club (at Hyatt Regency hotels), room upgrades, diamond suite upgrades and other perks.  So lets take a look at big things for each stay (I am most likely missing a few actually):

  • Park Hyatt Seoul for 3 nights: Breakfast ($30×2 for 3 mornings) and delicious Soju!
  • Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay for 2 nights: Regency Club breakfast for everyone in the family (estimate $80) and welcome dessert and champagne
  • Hyatt Regency Baltimore for 4 nights: There for our wedding so only used the Regency Club a little (negligible value)
  • Park Hyatt Washington DC for 1 night: Breakfast ($75) and room upgrade ($100)
  • Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi for 3 nights: Breakfast ($30×2 for 3 mornings), Diamond Suite Upgrade ($100x 3 nights) and 3 bottles of free champagne ($120)
  • Park Hyatt Maldives for 4 nights: Breakfast ($40×2 for 4 mornings) Room upgrades ($200 per night), sunset drinks and canapes ($30x 3 evenings)
  • Andaz West Hollywood for 1 night: Breakfast ($20×2) and Diamond Suite upgrade ($160)
  • Hyatt Regency St. Louis for 1 night: Given an extra room because they couldn’t upgrade me to a suite ($200) and Regency Club for breakfast and snacks for 3 ($50)
  • Park Hyatt Chicago for 1 night: Breakfast ($30×2) and Upgraded room ($100)
  • The Concourse Hotel at LAX for 1 night: Breakfast ($20×4) and $15 bar credit
  • Park Hyatt Siem Reap for 2 nights: Breakfast ($30×2 for 1 morning) and room upgrade ($650×2 nights)

***Reviews on the way for The Concourse and Park Hyatt Siem Reap!

park hyatt maldives

Park Hyatt Maldives

Also, in the above analysis I didn’t include the discounted rate for the reciprocal MGM Platinum membership that we used for huge discounts on suites and other rooms at the MGM and Aria in Las Vegas (along with the other minor benefits there).  I also didn’t generally include the price of the welcome amenities which can be 1K points or champagne, deserts or many other goodies.

Adding up the above and under estimating a bit we get roughly $3,900 in value!!

Park Hyatt Chicago

Park Hyatt Chicago

As you can see, the effort and time was well worth it for this past year!  The money saved doesn’t even include the bonus points for the status, the Diamond Suite upgrades I have booked for later this year, other little perks AND for me, the fact that I don’t have to worry about the cost of breakfast or snacks and other things during my vacation.

Now, even though there appears to be a ton of value in this status, it is absolutely not for everyone and honestly it’s not for me this year and likely most other years.

As you can see we were staying not only at LOTS of Hyatts, but also a lot of very high-end Hyatts, which made it worth it!


So if you have a year with a ton of Hyatt stays, especially if they are high end, then the effort to get Diamond status is absolutely worth it.

It was AWESOME for this past year and worth every ounce of effort!!

We will just have to wait and see if it will be worth the effort for any other years in the future.

How do other people value the status? Have others got it for a big Hyatt year like this?

2 Comments on “What is a year as a Hyatt Diamond Elite worth?

  1. Great stuff! My GF wants me to come up with how much value we got out of our Diamond membership. We mattress ran a couple years ago and got status in about July ’14 (Like you, lost a couple weeks ago). I don’t really remember our total spend on it though— maybe $2500 or $1250 + 62500 points. I think a lot were P+C, but some were just gov’t rate stays at Cat 1 hotels, with a few pre-planned stays in the mix.
    We are 22 stays into this years run, with another 3 before the end of the month, then we hit PH Dubai (DSU), PH Abu Dhabi (DSU) and PH Maldives early April. We have stayed at the GHK the last 3 years, and will do so again this year and next, the last couple years using DSU for a 7 and a 5 night.
    For our last night as a Diamond before requalification, we stayed at the HR Sacramento using P+C. I noticed a suite was available, and asked if they would upgrade us, and they obliged— was selling for $500 a night.
    Also had two comp free suite upgrades interspersed with our stays over the last couple years.
    It can be really valuable if you know how to maximize it!

    • Thanks! It was great seeing the value you can actually get! WOW, you have 22 stays already?! You have been busy! haha Looks like you have some awesome hotels coming up also! I loved the PH Abu Dhabi and PH Maldives (which we have several post on if you are interested) and I have heard great things about PH Dubai. You should keep track of it all this time around and see what you are getting out of it. I would be curious to hear your numbers.

      Safe travels!

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